Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in Key West

Key West Sunset from Sunset Pier
Thanksgiving in Key West was my husband's idea as a distraction for me since this would be our first year without my girlies.  It was a very sweet gift/gesture and we had so much fun.  About 13 years ago we lived there for one year and being back on the island was a bit like deja vu or having been in a dream.  Most of what there is to do we didn't do because we had small kids and no money.  This trip we were like kids ourselves bopping around from bar to bar and chatting with each other while people watching--a great free activity and lots to see.  We ended our trip with a wonderful Schooner trip out into the gulf at sunset.  This may be the start of a new tradition:))


Judith Glover said...

It sounds like you had a great time over the Thanksgiving holidays, and didn't miss your daughters too much. I checked our your new website and like what you are doing.

Jean Baardsen said...

Great, Robin! Glad you two sweeties had such a good time together.