Monday, April 13, 2009

I am the nose!

"‘Fresh Picked!’ Finalists Announced
We’ve just announced the finalists of the 2010 Quilting Arts Calendar Contest on the Editor’s blog! This year’s finalists were especially hard to pick, as we had to choose from more than 300 luscious depictions of the “Fresh Picked!” theme, including flowers, fruits, vegetables, and one nose. "

I have been so busy that it feels like I lost the month of March and I was having a blast doing so. One of the reasons was working on my entries to Quilting Arts 2010 Calendar contest. The above piece titled "100 Pages to a New You" wasn't chosen but it was fun to make. Learning this morning that I was the only one to enter a nose, just made my day.

When I heard the theme, my husband and I both thought noses--I guess we are a bit twisted. I mulled it over for weeks until a conversation with friends from my art group brought the design around to picking a new nose from a catalog in a plastic surgeon's office. After that the design and layout went very smooth. I don't know what will become of it now unless someone knows a surgeon with a sense of humor that would like to purchase it.

Here is a picture of the other entry titled "Bursting Sweet":

This piece was inspired by an original grape piece with just one cluster in another color way. I used painted Tyvek, free motion quilting, and hand beading. All in all a fun experience.

In the meantime, March brought about enough experiences to blog for a just to do it:) I thought I heard a news story this week that procrastination was healthy for you...I am working on improving my health---Have a fantastic week!

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kathy said...

Wow...two posts in a week...I am totally impressed!!!
Love the nose idea and so sorry you didn't get in the semi-finalists.The grapes are cool.