Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Machine Quilting for anyone!

Have you wanted to attempt machine quilting or are you looking for a new way to approach it?
This is the class for you!  I have met Christa and so it was no surprise to me that her class would be well organized and exactly what it says it is: Plan It, Stitch It, Quilt It! 

Christa's class is perfect for anyone wanting to start machine quilting. Her voice is calm and her instruction is precise and linear.  There is a great combination of walking foot and free motion instruction. 

As a student I appreciated the method of showing how to draw out your design first and then follow that up with the machine work.  This is so accessible for the home student.

Christa has graciously offered a 50% off code for you to access.  It will show up in your cart and is only available for her class until 4/4/17:

Enjoy and Have Fun!!