Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Life is all about Love, Loyalty, and Friendship. What better way to show that to a dear friend than with a gift. http://nestlingsbyrobin.com/pattern_quilts.html
This design is dear to me, not just because I am Irish, but because my mother and I designed it together and had a blast doing so.
The claddagh is mostly known for it's 'betrothed' history of facing the heart in on your finger when spoken for. The other little tidbit is that the claddaghs are passed down from Grandmother to Granddaughter. I wear my Grandmother's proudly. It is the ring that my Grandfather put on her finger on their 50th anniversary vow renewal. Much love to you both:)
May you all have a wonderfully mischievous day-Irish or not!
Check in later this week for photos of my workshop-Exploding Patterns.