Thursday, July 30, 2015

Minneapolis Spring Market Part 1

 I found this photo online and it is a beautiful and
artistic shot of a wonderful city!
So after MONTHS of working hard designing, quilting, writing, editing, photographing, packaging, and packing, the day finally arrives:)
Here is my booth, with sign, showing me the way to my home away from home for the next few days!  You can see the many booths beyond me....
 To the right, Bird Brain Designs and one of the fabric companies.
To the left, Quilting (magazines, etc.) and of course you can see the Giant NORTHCOTT box in front of us:)
Our entry to quilting magic!
Above and Below, NESTLINGS by Robin displaying all new baby quilt designs including spring frogs and baby bottle rockets.  In addition to babies, we have a new BOM of for every month.
GET PUMPED buttons to spread the word about the most comfortable shoes you will ever own:)
This group of booth mates should look familiar to you by now.  Have friends will travel and they actually like to be near me too:)
Go figure...We try to be near one another at Market since we usually travel alone and may have to go to the bathroom at some point!  (NO, I don't mean we need other women to come to the bathroom with us:)
Meet Susan Marth of Suzn Quilts.  Her booth bloomed in Dresden Plates this year. I know we shouldn't covet but, oh man do I want that quilt directly behind her!  I may have to make one in Red for myself:)
Here is Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods.  She has a fun way of using traditional designs and making them her own.  Look at how cute that Christmas pattern on the table is...reminds me of Christmas Crackers.
Susan Knapp of The Quilt Branch with her booth mate Karen. Some really neat designs going on over here including a bag so big you can pack for days in it!  Who doesn't need one of those??
Have you met Cheryl?  THE Cheryl Sleboda!  She stopped by and she is too cute which matches her web name: Muppin:))))
When in Minneapolis......We had the opportunity to eat at a local landmark that will unfortunately be closing: Nye's Polonaise   Wow, the whole atmosphere takes you back including these cool glass lamps.  Delicious food too.  I had a polish soup that was so comforting that I could have eaten a whole pot!

I hope you enjoyed Part 1...stay tuned for part 2:)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Red, White (Cream?), and Blue


I am a tad behind this month but technically it is still July as I write this so HAPPY 4th of JULY:))
As busy as I am, I am not too busy to decorate my home to include my new shoe!
And, this year, I was able to spend the 4th with one of my lovely and brilliant daughters.  It was a down home holiday with grilling, a baseball game, and fireworks that we were directly under!

I find that our patriotic tendencies fall into 2 categories:
Red, White, and Blue....OR....Red, Cream, and Blue.  Which one are you?  I confess to loving a softer cream and was able to have my cake and eat it too with this design.  I used my beige/cream in the background so that the white would really show.
This class pump is perfect for a classic holiday don't you agree? :)

As always, the pump is 12" square to fit on the originally designed (by me) Ackfeld metal hanger.
Hopefully you have already signed up for the Starter Kit.  If not, this BOM is open enrollment so still plenty of time. 
Since it is now June 15th, the templates for the June shoe are available for purchase on my website BOM 2015 page.
Originally this project was set up so that you would pay for the templates and they would be an immediate download.  Due to a VAT (Value Added Tax) put into place overseas on digital products, I had very limited options as to how I could keep the digital aspect but not be subjected to a very disorganized new law.
When you pay for the templates on my website, a payment notification will be sent to me.  Once I have received this notification, I will then email you the PDFs of the templates.  Please be sure that your email address associated with Paypal is correct so that you can receive these files.  I will email within 24 hours of payment.  Thank you so much for your understanding.
**End of message**
I am very excited about watching this BOM progress and seeing how all of you use different fabrics to achieve a new shoe each month.  Please share your progress on my FB page.  This is also where you will find additional tips about how I went about making these sweet shoes.
Happy Quilting:)