Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When LIFE happens....

It has been one crazy summer!  I started out after market looking for a bit of a mix up to refresh my mind and spirit so I took a part time, summer job at a local quilt shop.  Boy did that mix things up!!  First day on the job, I meet a Checker Distributor rep. who encourages me to resubmit.  For those of you who don't know, that is the biggest distributor in our industry.  So I do..... 
In the meantime I took on a hand quilting commission.  As a reminder, this is another job of mine that you can find on my SERVICES page. Tell your quilting friends:)
At this point, I am working 3 part time jobs. No big deal, right?
Well Checker picks up my whole line of designs mid July and there are a couple of steps to accomplish that I slowly work through  (between other jobs) until I have a surgery in August.  Then I spend recovery SLOWLY putting together 46 sets of 36 covers for their sales reps. Now the first order has come and will ship out today.  WOOT!! :))))))

The hand quilting commission is almost done with only 3 borders to quilt.
I have a workshop coming up in October that has a few more steps to accomplish.
The part-time summer job will be over in a few more weeks and then I will be back to F/T designer:)) Which means getting new designs out to all of you! 
It was an exhausting but amazing and exciting summer!!  Autumn is just around the corner and is my favorite season so I can't wait to see what it brings:))

Now onto shoes....

I live in Florida where it stays hot longer but August is HOT everywhere usually and so we all like to where a strappy sandal occasionally:)  August shows off a half flower that could also be interpreted as that hot sun some just love! 
September is Back to School month and who doesn't love a comfy sneaker?  I went with a denim look and added a bit of graffiti for those of us that used to draw on our jeans and then get yelled at for not appreciating the cost of said jeans:)

As always, the pump is 12" square to fit on the originally designed (by me) Ackfeld metal hanger.
Hopefully you have already signed up for the Starter Kit.  If not, this BOM is open enrollment so still plenty of time. 
The templates for every month are available for purchase on my website BOM 2015 page.
Originally this project was set up so that you would pay for the templates and they would be an immediate download.  Due to a VAT (Value Added Tax) put into place overseas on digital products, I had very limited options as to how I could keep the digital aspect but not be subjected to a very disorganized new law.
When you pay for the templates on my website, a payment notification will be sent to me.  Once I have received this notification, I will then email you the PDFs of the templates.  Please be sure that your email address associated with Paypal is correct so that you can receive these files.  I will email within 24 hours of payment.  Thank you so much for your understanding.
**End of message**
I am very excited about watching this BOM progress and seeing how all of you use different fabrics to achieve a new shoe each month.  Please share your progress on my FB page.  This is also where you will find additional tips about how I went about making these sweet shoes.
Happy Quilting:)