Friday, May 20, 2016

Salt Lake City Spring Market

I left Tampa at 11am on Wednesday and arrived in Salt Lake at 5:50pm...that being 7:50 my time.
Some of the scenery from the plane was breathtaking!
Here is the great salt lake in the distance.
Then it is set up day! This sign says it all:)
The booth is ready to meet and greet!
I just love these quilts! They are my favorites 😊
Then I was off to set up my Sneak Peek display...that orange is wonderful.
I was a bit sad that my adorable little red chair doesn't show but it is about the quilts!!
We were done early enough today to run errands and enjoy a bit of the downtown City Creek mall...A must see.
Here is a fun shot of the floor from above.
My Tulips Tiled is the 3rd quilt up from the bottom. 
I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at Market and there will be more to come!