Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can "Majestic" be a feeling?

Cape Lookout Lighthouse, NC
This week, my "Majestic" piece sold during the local art show, Art from the Heart. I was stunned and elated and wondered if the word, majestic, can be a feeling? It can't, but it sure felt 'majestic' to sell a piece of my work.
I am not good at selling my art- I am too close to it and always feel awkward talking about myself for that purpose. In a moment of 'it was out of my mouth before I could take it back', I made a comment about my lighthouse to a woman whose husband was purchasing a lighthouse piece of another artist. She prompted me to show her my work and they came back the next morning to purchase mine and a 3rd artist's work. These are the very generous and art loving people artists hope to meet in their careers. This couple appreciate art and local artists and have made the conscious decision to support local artists.
I am still at the stage where selling a piece is a rollercoaster of emotions: YIPPEE, oh I'll never see it again, can you believe it?, the fantasy of this being a regular event, YIPPEE again, etc. I am proud to educate others about textile art and what time and work goes into a piece of art....sometimes many more hours than some painters. I addressed the process of "Majestic" in an earlier post.
Thank you to all the collectors of my work, wherever you may be. To all the artists out there, keep on working and promoting and being the most professional you can be for you just never know where that next sale may lie!