Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good-bye 2016 and ....


As 2016 draws to a close I am so thankful that I was surrounded by my girlies and lots of love at Christmas. 
Here is a little end of December collage for you starting in the upper left:
1.  Jim was in a bit of a car accident on his way home.  Everyone was ok thankfully! 
Once home though we had lots to do for the arrival of Christmas guests:)) There was the tree to decorate and stockings to hang.
Some mold that ruined a few treasures and a badly timed winter cold would not stop us as we decorated and cleaned.  I pulled through with a bit of quilting on my commission quilt, 2.  It is coming along very nicely.
3.  Stockings hung- check!
4.  A rare shot of me and my girls ready to go listen to a band for a bit of Christmas eve cheer:)
5.  The tree all done up.  Had to use the half tree since we had 4 pups here that like to tussle!
6.  The whole gang at Clearwater Beach 2 days before Christmas next to the sand Snowman.
7.  A little winter vignette on my MIL tiny school desk.  I can't wait to figure out what to place on it next:)
8.  Little Pooka after stealing poor Biscuit's toy.  He can't have anything of his own but she is SO CUTE!
9.  One eve we went on a small brewery tour of Palm Harbor and Dunedin.  In Dunedin there is a new one named Dunedin Woodwright.  It was absolutely adorable that evening with the crystal lights, a bon fire, a chill in the air, and a bluegrass band.  A tiny bit of Christmas down here in Florida.
Lar and Dev both came this year with their men and a wonderful time was had by all!  Those times are so precious to me and go way too fast.
Those of you following along lately know that I was participating in the 31 day blog challenge and you will notice that I fell off the wagon right around the time Jim arrived home.  Now you know why:)
The sole purpose was to challenge us to do more blogging.  I do believe that it served its purpose for me.  I see that with a bit of diligence I can blog more than I was before.  Thank you for following along and see you in 2017!

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Have you met....

Kim Lapacek?  Along with being a fun quilter to follow, her family runs an orchard:))  Not sure how she has time but I think that is just so cool.  As a kid I loved going to the orchards in upstate NY and then taking my little girls apple picking when we lived in Illinois.  Who am I kidding....I love it as an adult too:)
This year I was invited to write a blog post about scrap quilting to go along with Kim's Scrap challenge.  Put it on your calendar for next year!
Also, check in to read about her PBS interview on Treasured Quilts of Wisconsin.

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Down the rabbit hole!

Do you ever sit down to the computer to do one thing but get sidetracked??  Ok, I know you do but how long do you get sidetracked for?  And, do you ever head down the rabbit hole from one pretty quilt/ article to another? 
"ALL the time", I am hearing :))  "Join the club", you say. 
Well have you ever headed over to the this site?
It is a fabulous resource with lots of links that you will find yourself clicking on and then trying to find your way back to where you started....ALICE!!

There is a glossary of terms, stories about quilts and about the origins of quilts, and a great index sorted by styles of quilts......
Enjoy!  Muwahahahaha!

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Studio Disorganization!

I would love to tell you that I am super organized and in my mind's eye, I am:)  The reality is that I work in a crazy zone most of the time until every now and again my mind tells me to STOP and take charge of the crazy!

For a peek at my old studio, click HERE.

So these pictures made it to this post because my floor is actually clean!!  Usually I am side stepping creative piles of fabrics for future quilts.  These pics are from one of my sane moments because I just couldn't think properly anymore and worse, I had to move 2-3 piles just to get to one thing I needed!! I can live in the mess but I hate having to keep moving things to get what I want.
This is a picture of an adorable Captain's Desk I found in my travels that has tiny little drawers down each side that are perfect for color organizing my bead stash:))))))
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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Have you met....

Sandra Starley?  Do you drool over antique quilts?  Well get ready to drool some more.....
She collects, appraises, teaches, and lectures. 

Sandra Starley 4 eagles
Visit her blog:
I am working on my guild to have her visit and you should too:)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CHRISTMAS at my house:)

View of the first Christmas in our new home in Tarpon Springs, FL 2011.  So open and with a full tree:)

We will have 6 stockings hung this year for sure! (that year it was for my OCD because I couldn't have an uneven wall:) It will be a full house with 6 adults and 4 dogs!

This is what a half tree set up looks like.  I thought maybe my monster pup would be ok with a full tree until my daughter reminded me how all 4 dogs act together.....  There is much romping and playing and this could mean a tree getting knocked over!

There was some question as to whether everyone would be able to come this year and now that the official word has come down, I am so excited that I just can't stand it!!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my friends wherever you may be!!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I am not sure why I started designing in 'baby', but they are mighty cute and I will be ready when the first grand bundle arrives someday.....
This little cutie was based on a crocheted block I made when my first child was born.  It was so much quicker to quilt:)  It contains the whole alphabet for personalizing plus appliques for girls or boys.


Just Hangin' Out was designed from another monkey quilt I made and never finished because I hated the fabric I chose.  It seemed right at the time but after marinating in the closet for 4 years my tastes had changed.  Can anyone relate??


I have designed so many quilts using a tessellation program and Fireflies is one of them. Someday I will get around to doing a girlie version:)



A good play on words will get me every time....
Baby Bottle Rockets and Binky Blooms were so fun to dream up!! 


Spring Pond is delightful and sweet and great for twins:))  When I was a little girl the idea of twins was just so appealing.  When I got pregnant for the first time I hoped it was twins.  After I had the baby, I was SO thankful it was NOT twins!  Anyone else have that crazy dream??

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Have you met....

Bill Volckening?  His blog name Wonkyworld really does describe his style:))  I have never met Bill in person but follow him socially and get a kick out of his song choices and comments. 
His quilt collection is amazing and even when it isn't something you personally would own, you learn so much about our quilting past.
His New York Beauty book is on my list of must own!  You can find it at Quiltmania

Go check him out on Facebook too!

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Gatlinburg, TN

The fires in Gatlinburg saddened me so much!  If you have never been then you have missed something truly special.  They will be back up and running in no time and the tourists will flock once more out of love or curiosity.  In the meantime, many have lost much or everything. 

Natalie Patton is from the area and her love for her neighbors has spurred her to start a charity mission filled with leaves of fabric!
The Burning Leaves of Gatlinburg requires such a small amount of time and will give so much love to those who receive them!

Won't you consider helping....

This was to be my Dec 11th post so you will get two today!

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Saturday, December 10, 2016


EVERY quilt has a story and when your guild books my lecture #HHCIB, How Hard Could It Be, they get the fun and weird stories of how I arrived at this point in my journey as well as the quilt stories too!  Lots of eye candy and laughs and nodding of heads! We have more in common than we think.

Description: "One GIANT Show & Tell from start to present.  Meet Robin Koehler and hear how she stumbled upon this journey of quilting and design.  Trunk show quilts include 1st quilt, some winning quilts, pattern quilts, quilts juried into Paducah and Mancuso Mid-Atlantic shows, and a few art quilts just for fun."

Email for more info:

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Have you met.....

CHERYL SLEBODA! (click on her name for a fun bio)
Comic book industry mogul by day and award winning fiber artist by night!  She is the catalyst behind this #31dayblogchallenge too!

Cheryl has creative and different classes to take and a fun view of the world in general as shown in the cute way she selfies:)
Have fun getting to know Cheryl!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pantone 2017!


Pantone has chosen GREENERY #15-343!!
This is FANTASTIC!!  I have to say that the last color I was excited about was in 2011 when they chose orange:))
I was so excited about orange that I wrote a blog post about it showing some of my orange choices.  As I looked back over that post, I noticed how much green was in there as well!
Take a look here.

They have even put together color combinations for you:)  Here are just a couple.  The GREEENERY link above will show you more.

What will you design?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Have you met.....

Debby Brown?
If you haven't found her before, go look now!
I knew of her through a professional group I belong to but actually got to meet her this past October at International Quilt Market.  SO FUN and sweet and generous with her information!
She teaches for Handi Quilter and has Craftsy classes too so that you won't be afraid of quilting with your home machine.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hand Quilting

Have you ever tried it?  Do you know someone who hand quilts?  Do you go to shows and or museums and Oooh and Ahhhh
over all the little stitches? 
I Do, I Do, and I Do!!!
It is my passion and one of the most relaxing
things I know how to do.
As good as I am at it, I am no where near the quilters that I am in complete awe of and that is ok! Because whether we throw clay, knit, ski, paint, surf, or quilt, we need to have those just a bit better to look up to and to inspire us to do better!

#heritagearchitect:  To design, build, and complete
the heritage of a person or people!
Like my new high-falutin definition of what I do?  It tickles me but is very accurate.  I absolutely adore being given a quilt top that:  
1. has been started by someone who "decided that
quilting just isn't their thing"
2. (sadder) was started by someone who can't complete
 it due to health issues
3.  was found and their mother or grandmother or aunt made it
and they want to cherish it forever
4.  add reason here....

These lovelies come to me for many a reason and I have the honor of completing the heritage of that family. 
This is when labeling becomes SO important. 
Antique quilts get found all the time and humans are a
curious sort who want to know the
when, where, why, and who of these things. 
Every quilt has a story and when I get to stitch my story to another quilter in time, it warms my heart beyond explanation!
So if you are looking for a 2017 resolution, why not resolve to pick up a needle and learn a time honored tradition in America!  With a needle, I can teach you embroidery, applique, or quilting:)
If this isn't your thing but you have been hanging onto Mom or Grandma's tops, take a look at what I can do for you!
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Monday, December 5, 2016

CHRISTMAS Gift Giving!

This holiday tends to frenzy us all in different ways.  For those who love to make with their hands, we tend to find ourselves making long lists of all the lovelies we will make for loved ones across the land.  Not sure about you but I always fell a bit short getting it all done.  I do make some items for select loved ones and for friends along the way but not every year. 
Luckily if you have quilting friends, you can gift them with the gift of making something of their own for other loved ones in their life!  Win ~ Win!!
Buy Here
One year a couple of candy canes spilled onto the table in this shape and Ta-Da:))
Buy Here
Who doesn't love the brilliant red that these festive flowers add to any space!
When I moved to Florida, I had some growing outside my house and was absolutely delighted!

After living in the tropics for many years, this is not as atypical as you might think!  Coastal Christmas was such a success that I resized it for embroidery workers.  Such a fun size!
Buy Here
Buy Here


This fun pattern requires the most minimal of paper
Buy Here

piecing in order to get the cool border points that I made by accident and could NOT recreate with piecing no matter how hard I tried!

The wall hang is only 24" square with instructions for a runner and placemats too for complete dining d├ęcor:)
 Blossom Swirls
My love of paper piecing revolves around all the variations you can achieve by changing the colors and the rotation of the blocks.  In Blossom Swirls I show you just 3 of the variations that are possible with this fun block.  Large pieces make it easy to follow.

Buy Here

Whatever you decide to this year, have fun and give with love in your heart!
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Sunday, December 4, 2016


These are the last of my overstock of hand-painted Christmas ornaments in these styles.  I found them in a box I was moving and thought I better get them out before it was tooo late!     

You can read about my love of ornaments here:

You can order one of these delicate beauties here: