Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 2009

Well it has been awhile since I have had a moment to write. The holidays flew by and here we are 3 weeks into a new year already. My daughter has been accepted to a college for next fall, 2009 has begun, and we have a new president.

All of these feelings of 'new beginnings' make us take stock of what we have and what we would like to have as well as who we would like to be. I guess that is why we set new goals and make resolutions every year. We may not achieve them right away but this process keeps us moving forward.

I am still working on what my goals for this new year will be, but I already see some of them in the direction of my art.

This is a detail shot of a new piece I am working on with tremendous inspiration from Larkin Van Horn. I have been working on my free motion quilting skills for some time now and beading has always been a passion. One day everything came together to point me in a direction I really wanted to go. I was at my local wood artists gallery and they were working on some new pieces that I loved. Generously, I was given one to play with. When I came home, the vidcast by Bonnie McCaffery with Larkin was in my email (a definate must see). That was the push I needed.

I am absolutely in love with this piece!