Saturday, October 8, 2011

Are bananas suppose to be chewy??

For my friends following the banana saga, here is where the tale ends!
Here are the bananas after I cut them from the tree on Sept 29th following advice from the internet about cutting them once the first bunch start to yellow. My follow up question now would be, "how yellow?". I guess yellow is relative!? They were still pretty hard but within a day started to soften and I got excited and cut one open....Not a banana yet!

Not quite a week later they looked like this and still not a banana--by that I mean soft and sweet. So I decided I could rescue them by making Bananas Foster. I have never made it or eaten it but it sounds yummy! Yesterday I went and got what I needed--mainly more rum:)

Doesn't this look delicious?? The sauce was wonderful over the vanilla ice cream but one bite in and my husband and I both looked at each other with almost the same question:

Me: "Are bananas suppose to get chewy?"

Husband: "Are bananas suppose to be crunchy?"

Somehow they REALLY hadn't ripened the way they should have and no amount of HOT sugary caramel and alchohol was going to change that!

So my first endeavor with bananas and they were wasted but the Rum sauce was oh so yummy!

Thanks for following along on this journey and I promise the next post will get us back to quilting!! I have so much that is just about ready to share, I can't wait!

Before I go, I do have to tell you that another turtle came to visit at the front door-twice and a snake one day too. I didn't know the wild life in FL. was so friendly:)