Wednesday, February 13, 2019

With a little help from my friends...

I have amazing friends who
 want me to succeed!!
Whenever I see them, they
have some little item to 
help me along my appraisal
study path and I am 
extremely grateful!

These goodies are from Teddy Pruett.

Fabric samples are all well and good in a 
book, but touching them and seeing 
them in person is so much more 
educational and it sticks in
your memory better because you 
development a relationship with it
through the sense of touch.

Cigar Flannels

Fabrics from the 1950s

Fabrics from the 1970s

When I become certified, it won't just be
an accomplishment for me, 
it will be a group effort!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Workshop development!

 What do you use your guest room for????

Once all the company was gone, 
I could get back to work!
There are piles for what to bring to a lecture, 
teaching proposals, and 
Fabric Collaboration development.
Handouts plus items students may 
be interested in purchasing.

The Fabric Collaboration sample 
pile continues to grow!
Has your guild signed up yet?

The stencils have arrived and will 
be kitted this next week!
Students will receive 3 in their kit leaving 5 
others to choose from or get them all~

It is going to be a great class with
lots of collaboration!