Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring into UWIB

Welcome to our 2nd Unique Women in Business blog hop where we are helping everyone hop into Spring with wonderful gift ideas for birthdays, easter, graduation, and Mother's Day.

'Swaying Hearts'
'Swaying Hearts' is one of my newest designs done in an adorable 3-1/2" x 4-1/2" size:

Because I am a designer, most of my quilt patterns are applique designs vs. pieced patterns and this allows me endless ways of recreating my designs.

With the new lines of beautiful variegated threads on the market (Sulky, YLI), I can do outline embroidery in any color I want and the variegation adds more interest than the traditional redwork. Beading is one of my passions: Since I like the look of variegated threads so much, I have started learning how to make my own bead mixes to create variegated bead embroidery. Above, 'Swaying Hearts' was first painted and then beaded.

The applique work is available now at the etsy store link above. If you are interested in either the embroidery or beaded work, please email me at

I absolutely love the challenge of taking a sketch or idea of mine and finding how many different ways I can rework it, taking it from black and white to beautiful colors represented in the world around us. Now that Spring is here, we are surrounded by color in various shades and hues and tints: The flowers that nature provides us are already variegated for our joy.

Please enjoy the wonderful Spring bounty provided by my fellow UWIB ladies:

Birgitte Hendricks

Also, here are the links to our ETSY TeamLink

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Artrageous Challenge Reveal

ARTRAGEOUS, my art quilt group, revealed our 2010 challenge this past weekend. It is really hard to work on something fun and not share it for a whole year! 'Fabric Gossip' used the Telephone Game as our guide but using a photo vs. a whispered secret.
Since I was the first person in my group, I got to see the photo and I knew immediately that I wanted to use one of Gloria Loughman's techniques in my background. The technique isn't hard but it was very challenging, to me, trying to place the colors the right way so that it would be pleasing to the eye, not too drastic, and be recognizeable.

I started cutting a batch of diamonds in various sunset colors.

Once they were sewn together for the sky, I wanted to portray the water with a different directionality. Kathy Loomis had just posted on her blog about piecing gentle curves. I followed her directions and considering it was my first time doing this, was ok with how it turned out. The sky was then hand appliqued to the water area where the darker orange is.

Here is a cropped photo of the background all pieced with the tree and horizon line fused on. I then added a bit of fabric paint along the horizon line and below the tree to represent the reflection in the water.

Here is the finished piece completely quilted and faced. The moon was portrayed using the small holeless beads that you glue on. I am not quite sure this was the best technique to use since they want to flake off with too much handling. I fear as this piece gets put up in exhibit after exhibit, the beads will continue to wear off. They would be fine to use if you just hung it on the wall and left it alone.
This was so much fun and when you click on the link below, you can see the original photo along with all the other pieces and how the photo changed as each person received their bit of information.