Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Travel Finds...

When we travel sometimes there is a tad bit of extra time to visit a shop or two and see if any treasures need to come home with me.
I am always on the lookout for old (older than these) blocks for my new "FABRIC COLLABORATIONS" Workshop.
These were found in Texas and the sweet Victorian carriage print was just too sweet to pass up.  With the 3 blocks, I can get 6 full squares that will be put with a different fabric and some applique:) Stay tuned!
When we went to Chicago this past summer, one of our stops was in West Virginia.  This circa 1940 tulip quilt is very interesting.  Not usually my go to for collecting but it will be in my "TULIPS" Lecture that is in development for 2020. The actual applique design is older but there was an applique revival in the late 20s-.... so there you have it, the old inspiring the new.  

Then I found this set of hand applique roses in another shop.  ALL my colors Except those pink ones....??? Those will be turned into something darling for the COC auction this year.  
Grandmas get ready for a bidding war:)

Lastly I found this adorable little green sewing machine.  It is from the 1930s I believe and will look fantastic in my work room that has green walls:)  Right now it sits on a chest in my living room with my runner, "Swaying Hearts Trio".  If you love embroidery, you can find it on my website under Quick Stitches or go HERE
Keep stitchin'