Thursday, March 3, 2016

Everything old is new again...

I came across these 2 little magazines at a thrift shop and they happen to be from exactly 25 years ago.
What was happening 25 years ago in quilting, you ask?
Do those colors remind you of the Pantone colors of the year?? Well they are and now I need to go see if they are just mining past years in a particular order...
The blue/pink combo continued on into the March/April
edition but not quite as pastel thankfully.
Solids were quite popular and have made a comeback
in the last couple of years too.
Did plaids ever go out of style??
I have always liked them and have a collection just waiting for the right project... Which could be one of the following quilts:
Plaids on Hand by Roberta Horton
Plaid Pineapples by Teresa Reilly

Our love of classic historical quilts has not died either. The Star of Bethlehem and the Hexagon quilts are just as timely as ever especially with the revival of English Paper Piecing.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk down memory lane
and found some inspiration!
Until next time:)