Friday, July 13, 2018

AQS Publishes Robin's Wreaths

The magazine hit AQS member mailboxes early 
June and newsstands late June. 
"Robin's Wreaths" will be the series quilt
 this year presented in 5 parts.
If you are not a member, consider becoming one. 
There are many other benefits like all the
access to their digital content as well 
(a treasure trove in itself).
 Plus as a member you can find the first issue in the
 Members Only section of the website:) 
And, my name is on the cover which for some reason
 I completely didn't expect and 
therefore am surprised and delighted!
 Here is the layout on page 18....

"ROBIN'S WREATHS" at Paducah
in the Authors Section!!!

This quilt will also be displayed at the Grand Rapids, Virginia Beach, and Fall Paducah AQS shows this year.  I am On Tour:)

I started a Facebook Group for those of you that would like to sew with friends and receive extra tips on my process for making this quilt.  The above picture shows the Group header and 
click JOIN to become a part of the fun!
The Group name is Robin's Wreaths, AQ Magazine

Part 2
 Part 2 reviews have been done and ready for printing....
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


December was a very busy month too. I finished a quilt commission just in time to hit the road to go see this sweet girl get her nursing pin!  We are beyond proud of her hard work ethic and her choice of profession.  Nursing is not for the faint of heart!
JULY UPDATE: My girl is a Licensed RN in NC and working in a Cardiac Unit.  YAY!! How could we be prouder?? ~!!

Pooka and the Biscuit chillin on the highways of America
from FL to NC and home again!

I like doing these posts because I appreciate how fortunate I am that occasionally it is my turn to have Everyone!! :)) I have been fortunate 2 Christmases in a row so this year (2018) will be very quiet.
THIS happened....Jim thought his groupon was for 2 flights and 2 pints.  It was for 4 flights and 4 pints.  This pretty much sampled Every Beer on this brewery's board.
One set of children came a day early and we took them on a Brewery tour since that is an interest to them.  There are SO Many down here and so many varieties.  As a Budweiser girl, Who Knew!  We ended at one where they serve pretty amazing grilled cheese sandwiches-YUM!  Jim and his groupon😀

There was a neighborhood light tour and a LIGHTNING game (GO BOLTS!) where I convinced us to all wear ugly sweaters...some of us wore t-shirts so we wouldn't explode in the heat:)

It was an absolutely LOVELY holiday and 
I can't wait to hug all these kids again!!
Not sure why they always catch me when I look like I may pee myself!!