Friday, June 18, 2010

Paper Cloth Clutch

This is the paper cloth that I was working with a few months ago. I really did have a lot of fun with it and yet wondered what to do with it. It sat staring at me for quite some time. There are so many cute little bags or needle cases that can be made and I just needed to figure out what form I wanted to give to my work.

What is it about 'little' boxes and bags and places to hide stuff that is so compelling? I could never use them all nor do I need them but it is so hard to walk by a little box without wanting to at least open it and look inside---even though you know it is empty:) I am not really girly enough that I change my purses a lot but I love all the new styles of wallets and little bags to put inside my purse. Opening my purse is a colorful adventure where every thing has a little bag to be in: business cards, lip gloss and pill case, etc.

So one day I set out to make fimo buttons/beads and embedded some turquoise beads into the dough to match the paper cloth. Then while wrestling items on one of my shelves this eyelash yarn that matched perfectly fell into my hands and the result is this sweet little clutch.
7" wide by 3" high (space inside) with a fiber/bead closure
Paper cloth with inspirational quotes written on it.
$14 plus shipping

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Vine Time

"Vine Time"
11" w x 12 1/2" h mounted to 14" painted canvas
$170.00 plus shipping

This piece was created after learning how to use tyvek as a design element. The tyvek here is the grape cluster. The cluster was created using a hand dye fabric covered with green painted tyvek which was then melted. The additional 3D leaves are also melted tyvek. The binding is stitched with machine embroidery and then beaded.

Grapes to me are timeless and a constant design source. The beauty of vineyards and the luscious colors the leaves and grapes offer for artists is endless. My dining room and kitchen are designed with grapes and they sneak into my work sometimes too.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LEM4 on Tour

For those that follow what I am up to, I am happy to report that the LEM 4 panel created for the Dream Rocket project from the beginning of the year is now on tour. The covering date for the rocket has been set for 2011 and in the meantime Jennifer thought it important to share these works with the children of the country until that date arrives.
I have put a black box around our piece that is now on exhibit at Great Explorations Children's Museum in St. Petersburg, FL, May 1, 2010 - August 1, 2010. It would have been a lot harder to find if not for Chris Gilman's beautiful red balloon:) For those of you with kids, maybe a field trip is in order......

Friday, June 4, 2010

Other Market Meetings

While at Market this year I had the pleasure of attending 2 demos. The first was done by Lura Schwarz Smith, author of Secrets of Digital Quilting-From Camera to Quilt. She does beautiful work and the tips for creating depth along with using your printer were very accessible.My second demo was from Ruth Chandler and Liz Kettle, two of the authors of Fabric Embellishing-Basics and Beyond. They showed lots of fun creative ways to texturize your work.
Then there is Jane Davila! I am not sure what I could say that probably hasn't already been said about Jane (sweet, funny, sharing). I have been taking her online marketing class--my first online class. I already knew about 60% of the information but her comprehensive layout of everything has been so helpful as reinforcement that I am going in the right direction. Her dedication to making sure we all got what we needed out of the class was priceless.Fortunately her schedule allowed for us to go to lunch along with her lovely daughter and helper extraordinaire:) Every working mom should be so fortunate! We sat and chatted about all sorts of things and the pleasure was all mine. In the internet world we rarely get to meet the people that we develop relationships with, so this was a treat. For that reason alone I would recommend a Market trip and once you are there, the reasons to be there will grow by leaps and bounds. What better way to have your thumb on the pulse of our industry?
I am cautious taking classes at Market since I know that most of the material is only aimed at Quilt shop owners. Although I wish they focused more on the large population of designers that also make up this industry, if you are clever enough you can adapt a lot of the information to your needs in your business.
Meet Charlotte Angotti....quilter, teacher, stand-up comedienne!!
Almost 2 hours of non-stop hilarious stories about owning a shop, teaching classes and how to improve the classes you are teaching at your shop using natural progression for beginners to keep them intrigued and coming back. Great information no matter who you are. I am not a shop owner but I do teach classes and honestly the biggest thing Charlotte does to keep people coming back has nothing to do with quilting:) I don't need a class in quilting but I would take one of hers just to hang out with her! Her personality is her biggest selling point and I can ADAPT THAT to my business. I felt my $20 was well spent as I watched her work the room. I realized that I too have that capability but I don't utilize it enough.....stupid being 'overly professional' wins out. Don't get me wrong, professionalism is paramount but does not have to exclude having fun and being myself more, right? So take the classes but learn to read between the lines.

Meet Leigh Layton in fabric form.... Can't you learn a lot about a person through their art? I learned that Leigh has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to play with words. There were plenty of beautiful quilts at Market and this one just tickled my funny bone:) Do you see what I see?

The parting shot for this post is from one of the quilt shops we visited while in Minneapolis. Susan and Celine shopping and above them a quilt from our friends at The Quilt was like they were with us in spirit:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meet Susan Knapp & Mary Jane Mattingly, aka

The Quilt Branch.
Aren't they adorable? Don't let their size fool you...these two have personalities and hearts larger than life! It was a real pleasure getting to know them better and see their work in person. Here their booth displays beautiful quilts from their new book in the "Six Halves Make a Whole" series along with a new ruler. Below is the sweet signage that hung from either corner of their booth. I know this is mischievous but I really wanted to push that mini quilt every time I looked at it so it would appear to sway in the breeze:)
This last picture shows the booth neighbors and workers: (left to right) The Quilt Branch, Suzn Quilts, and Perkins Dry Goods.

Susan and Celine's helper, Molly

Not only were the women of these 3 posts booth neighbors but we were all living together for 5 days and oh the laughs we had. It says a lot about the character of all that not a rough patch was had in that time. We were there to support and take care of each other and we did! I was even able to lend a hand because the coffee was made in time for me to be human:) Thank you!

Market always amazes me and whether you like art quilts or traditional quilts, there is something to spark your interest. We laughed about being surrounded by all this beauty for 3-4 days and once they announce it is over the whole room changes in a matter of minutes just like Cinderella when the clock strikes midnight. It is a sight to behold and all that hard work is bearable (dare I say fun) when you are surrounded by caring people there to help one another.