Sunday, June 14, 2020

Quarantine SQUIRREL...

Hello again.
I hope I am not the only
one suffering from 
'Squirrel' syndrome during
this quarantine....?
Pretty sure I am not
and thought I would share
a few of the things I have done
since this began.

We went to Chicago mid March 
for a baby shower and that was
 the first time I had really taken 
my head out of my work long
enough to notice what was going on.
When we got home, I started making
some masks for my youngest
who works in a unit that
was being transformed into
a Covid unit and that freaked
me out just a bit...!!

This Worldmeter is dated March 22nd.
What a difference 2-1/2 months makes!

While my brain was trying to make 
sense of it all, I started hand piecing
these tiny little half-square triangle blocks.
Then for some reason unknown to me,
I decided I should start using some of 
the scraps from magazine projects to 
make a series of blocks...?
I don't make scrap quilts!!!
These were Very Helpful and necessary to 
my sanity as I watched job after job cancel.
So I have 5 sets of blocks
that match and I can't decide
whether to put all the same 
blocks, different fabrics together
OR, put all the same fabrics,
different blocks together.
Big Decisions!
Until part 2, keep stitching~

Friday, June 12, 2020

Rockets Red Glare

LOOK what hit mailboxes
last week!!
The July issue is now out
and yours truly
has a new quilt within
titled, 'Rockets Red Glare'.
THANK YOU Connecting Threads for 
the perfect fabric line,
Hometown Americana II.
It saddens me that so many quilters
feel overwhelmed by applique' 
because, to me, it is such a 
creative and relaxing form of quilting.
Yes, there are sometimes
many pieces to handle but
no more than some of 
the pieced quilts I have seen.
There are times that even I look
at one of my designs and ask,
"who designed all this work?".
Then I realize how much I 
love it and set to breaking
down each task just as you
would do in piecing.
Piecing steps: 
Iron fabric, measure, 
cut out pieces, sew, 
press, trim, and assemble.
Applique' steps:
Iron fabric, trace templates, 
fuse to wrong sides,
cut out, press to 
backgrounds, stitch 
around edges.
Pretty even in my book:)
Plus, once I get all the pieces 
traced and fused to the 
wrong side of fabrics,
I can pop in a fun movie
and cut all the pieces in 
a relaxed setting.
I am all about the relaxing:)
(NOTE in pic above I 
marked each template with 
the color fabric so I couldn't
mess up while fusing.)
scissors are the Best!!!
Another nice thing about my
designs is that they don't need
to be laid out exactly.
As long as you leave at least
a 1/4" from the seam 
allowance, (1/2"-3/4" from 
block edge) you are golden!
Fireworks every day of the year!
Machine quilting is not really
my 'thing' but sometimes
I have to rely on my skills.
My default is a set of loop
designs that I free motion
over the raw edge applique'
and then enlarge for the
all over quilting fill in
and around my applique'.

Add a quick triangle label
to my corner and Voila-done!

THANK YOU to AQ Magazine 
for another cool layout!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Twelve Days of Christmas

 I have had this Christmas line 
for a few years now...
The selvages are adorable
and the colors vibrant 
and wonderful!
When quarantine started, I finished 
a couple of work deadlines and then
promised myself that I would do a
project or 2 for myself.
A friend of mine had done a 
a sew along that this fabric
was perfect for!
Suzn Quilts designed an adorable
miniature using her tiny templates.
 The finished size is 12" and since
I have so much of this fabric, I
thought it would be fun to keep 
making bigger blocks to go with 
the miniature....
Friendship Stars
I liked the little house blocks
and trees so much that I made 
another 12" miniature with them.
Here is the template for the trees.
In my mini, I left off the trunks.
Here is what I have so far...
My 2 minis, some Friendship Stars &
some Pinwheel blocks.
The first block is one of Susan's Tiny/Mini
Dresden blocks that can be found in

I can't wait to see it finished
and I hope you will go visit Susan's
blog and site for lots of fun
ways to spend our days.
Until next time,
Keep stitchin'.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Sew Alongs

It may be hard to believe but 
I have NEVER done a sew 
along in all my 20 years of quilting!
Now that I have a little
extra time at home, Why Not?!

I have participated in guild 
lottery blocks and 
guild challenges but 
never worked with a group 
on the same project before.  
It is SEW FUN!!
There is a small group of us
that are making projects 
from the book, 
A design is chosen, we
each get to choose our
own fabrics, and then
we sew together virtually 
since some of us don't 
live near the others anyway.

I went poking around my
room looking for something
and found this charm pack
from MODA, Renewal
by Brannock and Patek.

It was a bit more challenging
to cut charm squares vs. yardage
for my piecing but I managed
and started these sweet little stars.

Just because I was feeling 
crazy, lol, I decided to see if
I could get an extra HST from
each rectangle unit I was making.
I could and I did and Ta-Da!

Here are the lovely 3-1/2" stars!
and I absolutely love them!!

I can't finish just yet because
this design calls for alternate blocks
that we decided would be 
signature blocks for our first 
quilt together.
Another 'First' for me!
I do have a couple of signature 
quilts, one as a guild thank you
to me and one as a result of 
winning the guild lottery blocks once;
but, I have never participated in a 
signature quilt in this method before 
so a first for me.

Because we live off from one another,
it will take some time to get blocks
signed and mailed.  Here is 
roughly what my signature blocks
will look like once framed.
Stay tuned for the finish:)
In the meantime as I wait, I pulled
some fabrics for our next quilt.
On my FB page, the middle
fabric overwhelmingly won
when asked about which one 
for a border fabric.
They were voting blind not 
knowing how big the border 
would be or what 
size/type the blocks 
would be.  
I knew these would all work
for the scale I needed but 
was just not feeling decisive that day!
Thank you to everyone who 
took the time to give me their opinion:)

Once that decision was made for me, 
I was able to start pulling other
fabrics to go with that border print.
I am excited to start the next quilt
even though I haven't finished the
other quilt...what is that called?
I have a room full of that and 
I love that room and all that
lies within and how I feel
when I am in there.

I wish you could all
come join me there 
but since you can't, 
stay safe &
 Keep Stitching~

Monday, April 27, 2020

Honeysuckle Rose

Meet the Botanical Blue collection 
from Connecting Threads.

I am excited to announce 
I have a new kit with them...
The sweet little flowers in that strip 
are fusible applique' done with 
my method of cutting multiples
included in the pattern.

You can find additional visuals on
my blog within post tutorials.
This is also a full pattern 
available HERE on my website now.

"Honeysuckle Rose" is available 
through Connecting Threads 
Product Image
I LOVE to see pics of 
finished designs!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

MY Quilt Candy Virtual Quilt Show Tomorrow

April 8th at 2pm (EST) join me on my FB page, 
Invite your friends and guild members 
to join the fun!
This will be a great way to decide that you
need me to come teach at your guild:)

Get ready to be shocked and amazed?

Shocked because who knows how 
this fiasco will play out as 
I perform my FIRST EVER FB Live video-LOL!

Amazed by the lovely quilts I will be 
sharing with you in this 
Virtual Quilt Show.
The theme is "Favorite Quilts" and 
that is not as easy as it sounds 
because they are all my favorite
for one reason or another or
I wouldn't have them, would I??

There will be a blend of 
antique and contemporary
so something for everyone!
~See you there~

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Quilters Eye Candy Virtual Trunk Shows

Welcome to the Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show 2020
Invite your friends and your guild members
to view hundreds of lovely quilts over the
next 10 days!

ALL times are Eastern Standard Time
Below is the schedule for every day listing
the designer and his or her FB page link
so that you can tune in for a LIVE Quilt Show!
Don't miss the FUN!
April 1 

12pm  Andi Stanfield
1pm   Nancy Scott
2pm   becky jorgensen
3pm   carolina moore
4pm   Jackie Kunkel
5pm  Connie Jonson Sayler
6pm  Laura Piland
7pm  Sandra Starley

8pm  Swan Sheridan

April 2

6pm   Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis

April 3

12pm  Darcy Hunter   Teresa Weaver
2pm   Annette Ornelas
3pm  Jo Westfoot d
4pm   Lynn Kane 
5pm   Geeky Bobbin
7pm   Laura Strickland
8pm  Jen Frost

April 4

12pm  Sherry Shish
1pm   Bill Locke
2pm   Toni Smith
3pm   Tammy Silversnis
4pm   Jennifer Fulton
5pm   Jessica Caldwell
6pm   Monique Kleinhans
7pm   Heather Long ts
8pm  Marija Vujcic,

April 5

12pm Ebony Love
1pm   Bill Locke
2pm   Marlene Oddie
3pm   Sandy Fitzpatrick
4pm   Reed Johnson
5pm   Diane Harris
7pm   Kathryn LeBlanc  

April 6 

12pm  Becca Fenstermaker
1pm   Cherry Guidry
2pm   Cheryl Lynch
3pm   Annie Smith

5pm   Reeze Hanson

April 7
1pm   Kate Colleran 
2pm Barbara Cline   
3pm Barbara Persing
4pm Ms P Designs USA/ Sharon Andersen
7pm Diane Harris     
8pm Christa Watson 

April 8

1pm    Raija Salomaa
2pm   Robin Koehler
3pm   Terri Vanden Bosch  
4pm  Jackie Kunkel
5pm  Leanne Parsons
6pm  Laura Piland
7pm  Ebony Love
8pm Tammy Silvers

April 9

1pm   Nancy Scott
2pm   Jayme Crow/Bella Nonna Design Studio         
4pm   Jen Frost
5pm   Annie Smith

April 10

12pm   Sarah Maxwell
1pm    Teresa Weaver    Karen Overton
3pm    Alison Stothard
5pm    Pat Sloan   
6pm    Cherry Guidry
7pm    Toni Smith/Quiltoni 
8pm    Marija Vujcic, Mara Quilt Designs