Monday, July 5, 2021

What is your issue?

 I took a deep breath and joined a group of quilters
that will be promoting social awareness for
diseases or issues that are
important and personal to them.
I do hope you will take the
time to read their stories and
support where you can.

The quilter who organized us
She lost her lovely
daughter way too young!!
It is a story familiar
to my family when we
lost my aunt at the
very young age of 35
due to a brain aneurysm.
Carolyn wants to bring
awareness to this silent killer.
Go HERE to read more
about Carolyn's story
and what she is doing
for awareness.

~Keep Stitchin~

Thursday, July 1, 2021

FLOURISH QAL: Ready-Set-Stitch!


 I am beyond excited to bring my
FLOURISH quilt pattern to you!
Lots of information in this post
so please read to the end. 

As you can see at the time 
of this posting, I am still quilting it:)

Although I rarely use 
blue in my designs, the fabric
and the design itself both
required it for this layout
to be joyful and balanced.

Now to the QAL:
I am so excited you are here.
The FB group has continued
to grow & since this is a 
smaller project, I am looking forward 
to lively participation!

The FULL pattern is available as a 
PDF digital download HERE at an
introductory price of $12 until 
July 8th, 2021
(Reg price $16)

Etsy offers tips for printing digital patterns.
Please be sure to print ACTUAL SIZE.
All templates have a 1" square for accuracy.

This is a single-copy purchase for a single user!
Copies may NOT be forwarded or copied to 
be shared with others!

The pattern is required for the QAL.
My accompanying posts and videos
will not provide any measurements.
I will be providing technique
tips only.

The QAL will take place in 
my FB Group with blog posts
adding additional information.
FB has been playing again so 
make sure all your notifications
are turned on so you don't miss anything.
Go to the area circled in orange to click the
 3 dots for a drop down menu.
In the menu (purple arrow) Follow group and in 
Manage notifications choose to get all posts.

Since most of us be doing
this as a fusible  applique'
project, I will moving at
a faster pace than last QAL.
JULY 1ST: Pattern Available
I may be live too:)
We can talk options.
July 3rd: We will be discussing piecing
July10th: Let's talk LETTERING
Fusible vs. Hand Applique'
July 17th: Embroidery tips
Machine vs. Hand
July 24th: Side borders
I will give extra time for this step
and to allow catching up for 
our hand work quilters.
August 7th: Bottom Border
August 14th: French knots vs. 
Colonial knots vs. beading:)
August 21st: Assembly
August 28th: Quilting Motifs
Extra time for catching up 
for our final reveals! 
September 12th: ZOOM meet up day
to show off your beauties.

Just hearing about all of this?
Follow these links to catch up:)

Ready ~ Set ~ GO!
See you over on FB

In case you forgot to click over:)

Monday, June 28, 2021


 We are only 3 days away 
from this fun and inspiring quilt along!
So Exciting!!

Last time we talked FABRICS!
If you are new to the conversation,
go read the introduction HERE
We will wait...
Ok, now that you are back, 
let's talk supplies.
Some of my favorite supplies!
My swirly twirly designs
are back for this project
as well but I wrote the
whole pattern for 
fusible applique' and 
that is what we will 
focus on throughout
the QAL.

 *Still love the Magic sizing 
for PRESSING my seams.
*You see my favorite 
Bohin pencil is back.
That will come in handy
depending on the value
of your border fabric.
*There are two threads
shown because the supply
list says a skein of floss
but I chose to do all my 
embroidery with a YLI 
variegated machine thread.

Other items in the picture are: 
a pencil, Karen Kay Buckley
serrated scissors for cutting
my applique' (especially
cutting into V points/curves,
a tracing kit for an
embroidery tracing shortcut
(we will discuss at that step),
all sitting on my favorite
Pellon Wonder Under & Stabilizer.
These items make my life 
so much easier.

I know we all have our
own favorite tools so 
assemble what you need
based on this supply list below:

Right click the image to save
to your computer so you can
use it as a checklist before
See you in 3 short days!

Saturday, June 26, 2021


 The first exciting step in starting a new

I had a lovely floral print, 
"First Impressions" designed by
Mary Anne Henderson 
from Red Hen Fabrics 
for Northcott 
that started it for me.
The color is true in the pic above.
I used the colors in the print
to pull my applique' and other
piecing fabrics.

 I placed a ruler over the 
fabric so you can get 
an idea of the print scale.
This print worked perfectly 
with the size of the templates.
You want a small to medium
print so that the fun details show
in the smaller pieces of the design.

Here is a second colorway
shown with ruler and with
the F template since the print
is larger than the original.
It still shows a lot of
color movement though and
that is important too.

A couple of fabrics
pulled to go with
this firework/spray print.

A third colorway 
shown with ruler and 
F template for scale.

Fabrics pulled to go with 
the floral print.
I really like that architectural
print to the left and wonder 
what it may look like in an F:)

Let's look at some
other print / color options..
Wild bubbles above or
repro below?

Folk art floral above or
tulips below??
I love these tulips but will
be saving them for another project:)

As you can see,
there are soooo many options!
How do we ever decide
when we start  new projects?!

In case you missed the 
first post 
discussing some
of the basics, go
HERE to read all about it.

Start your stash hunt and 
next time we will discuss supplies.

~Keep Stitchin'~

Friday, June 18, 2021


 Well-Loved Ladies was a Huge success
and we still have many that are 
working on it because it really
isn't a quick project:)

As promised many moons ago, 
a smaller more attainable project
would be next so that those 
intimidated or not up to the 
task of WLL would be able to
join the quilt along fun and 
sharpen their skills for when
they are ready to tackle WLL. 

Twice a month starting July 1st,
I will present a tutorial via a
post here & FB that prepares us 
for the next step in the quilt along.

You will need a pattern to participate

 in this quilt-along.

The pattern has been written for
fusible applique' and will be 
offered in PDF and print form 
with all full-sized templates.
I will address using the templates
for hand applique' in a blog post
when we get there:)

Techniques involved will include
general piecing of flying geese units
and half-square triangles, applique'
(hand or fusible/machine), & embroidery.

Of course, there will be some video assists
to help in the process.

We will be doing all the discussion and
ooohing/aaahing of fabric choices over
in my FB group, Robin's Rocking Needles.

As before, over the next few weeks
expect multiple blog posts leading up to 
our big reveal day where I will discuss
fabric selection and supplies so you
can start preparing and be ready to go
as soon as you get your pattern.

Please leave a comment here if you have
any questions or email me,

I will be stitching along too as I make
another one in fusible applique' in 
another color way.

Until next time,
keep stitchin'~

Sunday, June 13, 2021


Meet Twinkle Wheels
Connecting Threads'  
new line of fabric 
I was fortunate enough to 
design a new pattern for them
and I needed to test out the 
block design since I 
was doing something a bit
different for me:)

OK, not the first part that
starts with half-square triangles
(some of my favorites to 
design with:).
Figuring out how to align
the center bit was a tiny
challenge but it 
worked out wonderfully
(if I do say so myself:)!

Here is my cover with 
the finished quilt and 
the second layout you
get from your cut aways
so there is hardly any

Here is another color way 
showing how a splash of yellow
really brightens it up.
It looks much more
complex than the actual
construction is.
Super easy to assemble!
When you are ready to 
make one of your own,
find my fun and simple
pattern HERE

Connecting Threads!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021


This is a beautiful shot of 
I was able to eat dinner here one
evening and the food was 
delicious, home cooked, stick
to your ribs eats.

I spent weeks cutting kits
and preparing patterns and 
packing quilts....

so that I could arrive
in Pigeon Forge
and teach in this 
lovely setting...

The day before classes 
started I took a short 
drive toward Gatlinburg.
So Beautiful!!
Found a covered bridge
by accident:)
Here is the wonderful
slate of instructors I 
had the honor to share
a page with!
The FUN banner 
outside of my room 
showing my schedule
for the week.
 My room set up...

The staff was super helpful
and the students were eager
and patient and fun!
It truly was a lovely way
to come back to teaching!

Found this fun treasure in an
antique shop in Pigeon Forge-SCORE!
Yes that says 1853!!
I have wanted one for awhile now
and so happy to have found a 
sweet little one that looks
darling with my machines
and spool cabinet!
Also shown here is my new
available in 
Primitive Quilts and Projects.

Lastly, on my way home, I 
stopped in to see mom:)
We did some much needed work 
around the place and also 
took time to have a couple of 
fun nights out together forcing
us to put on nicer