Sunday, August 11, 2019

What EXCITES you about quilting?

Is it piecing a new quilt top or the enjoyment of slow stitching while watching a good movie?
Is it making new friends in guild or taking a class at a big show and learning a new technique?
Or, is it the FABRIC that comes out in new colors and designs every season and we just can't seem to have enough of it on our shelves (in drawers, under desks, stuffed into every nook and cranny)!!

Most quilters have a color palette they are drawn to and maybe a style of design as well.
When I started collecting antique blocks, I noticed I was really drawn to the fabric design more than the block itself.  This is when I actually took account of the fabrics on my shelf. I am drawn to black, gold, green, red, orange, and off white. When I look at my designs, I see lots of whimsical swirly twirly florals that send my creative brain off the charts! There are so many antique fabrics in that genre of design-YAY!!

I believe that as humans we have a built in 'want' to create! That is what we do and have done since the beginning of time!  I also believe that the quilters that say they aren't creative just need a nudge, a new way to look at the world around them and the best place to start is your fabric world.
FABRIC COLLABORATIONS (Houston class #417) helps you look beyond to create something new.
JOIN ME in HOUSTON and play all day.  I mean it! The whole class is play time and there are NO mistakes to be made!

Below is a series of blog posts discussing different samples you will see in class (touch and pet if you need to) and how I came to design them.

TO DO BEFORE CLASS: Find an orphan block in your stash, preferably between 8”-12”.
IF you do not have an orphan block that contains a Printed fabric you Love, then please make a block using a print that

speaks to you. It can be as simple as a 9 patch since we are going for fun and easy not heirloom!
Small to medium prints work the best and the more details, the better it will be for inspiration.

Additional Fabric requirements:
__ A FQ of a coordinating (to your block) fabric that reads as solid for borders.

__ 2-3 coordinating FQs for design expansion to borders (prints and/or solids).

Additional supplies: (FULL LIST IN CATALOG)
__Rotary Cutter, mat (12” x 18” is fine), ruler 6” x 24” (minimum of 3” x 18”)
__Threads to match fabrics for sewing assembly and applique
__12 wt. Sulky thread to match fabrics for Embroidery details (hand or machine)
__Scissors: fabric and paper
__Pen, pencil (preferably mechanical), white chalk pencil for dark fabrics, and eraser
__glue stick
__½ yard of paper-backed fusible web if doing machine applique
__$20 kit fee (custom stencils, chalk papers, handouts)

How many of you have are on the more 'experienced' side of quilting and looking for something new?  I can't wait to meet you!

Keep quilting~

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


I love quilting for Kay:)  Her work is put together meticulously and she gives me some leeway to design some of the quilting.  
We are a great team!  Once I have some ideas, I run them past her and we collaborate.
Her lovely Jewel Fans allowed for each fan to be quilted just a tad differently so I didn't get bored:)

I like to mark in a way that won't be permanent or too difficult to remove.  My favorites are either the white pencil or a hera marker.
 In the hoop ready to go!
 By the piece quilting.
 Diagonally across the blades.
In the corners I did some fun Art Deco 
styling that echoed one of the blocks.
And here is the lovely Kay holding her quilt when I visited her this past Spring.  She does use color well and so it is no wonder her blog name is Quilts Plus Color.  You can read her postings on this quilt with the below links.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


First let me say that I have NEVER done or participated in a Round Robin for this reason, I am a Control Freak!  The idea of putting some fabric in a box and letting someone else make my quilt decisions for me and add other fabrics just makes my brain seize up. I have seen some lovely ones and some not so lovely ones too.  The idea intrigues me and seeing the reveals is inspiring but the need to be involved hasn't taken root.

Then I read somewhere about a controlled one and that made me want to do one:) Since I initiated this in my guild, I made up the parameters as shown in the first image print out.
I will say that participants didn't want anything
 too large so that limited my round sizes.
Here were the rules in case you want to do something similar in your own guild.
-This is a Round Robin personal challenge where you will make your own individual quilt using specific parameters given in 5 rounds
-Play along to make a gift for a friend, a charity donation, or just because it is fun to be a part of something and be challenged a tiny bit.
-There will be 5 rounds with one and two given together so that it will run for 4 months.
-Techniques will include applique' (by hand or fusible) and piecing with the finished size being roughly 48" square.
-Make it any color way that you love so that you will be excited to work on it.
Round 1: A 12" (finished) block with any applique you choose. 
I chose the tulip logo of our guild, Hidden Stitches.
Round 2: A 2" (finished) border to your center block. 
Border must feature at least one applique element from the center block. You can use any element, more than one, repeats in any way you choose.
Round 3: A 4" round of any pieced blocks.

Round 4: An 8" round with ANY triangular element (flying geese, half-square triangles).  Any combination of piecing and applique.
You can see that my big red tulip 
blocks will be cut to triangles.
Round 5: Another 4" round of any pieced blocks. The 4" was a minimum and they could go bigger if they chose.
You can see by my sketch that I made it way too complicated even though it is way cool (especially on a small computer screen:)!!
You see how far I got:)  I loved doing the applique but also became extremely busy in this time frame so the piecing was put on the back burner so to speak!

Now some of these ladies may hate me for posting these pics when I didn't catch them smiling and I can only hope I am forgiven when I say how much I LOVE THEM!!
They are members of my first 'Applique' guild, they are quilters, they share their stories and lives with me, and they are my friends and I love seeing them every month.
Lastly, they let me experiment on them when I have a new technique or Round Robin idea:)
My life here in Florida wouldn't be the same without these Amazing women!!   
We didn't all finish but the starts are pretty cool too! 
Cindy S. Love her flower and can't 
wait to see the rest.

Pat O. That birdhouse is darling!
It makes a sweet small piece the way it is.

Marva G. does amazing applique' work!
Again this could be done the way it is.

Jean R. used a block we had experimented with
 in a meeting and used it as her start point!
She even used the tulip as her 
quilting in the outer border.

Barbara D. did an amazing job! 
There was that sound in the room 
when people are impressed.

Lynn T. did the cutest kitty quilt and off setting 
border fabrics gives so much movement!

Then we come to our overachiever, Miss Liz M.
Above is the back of her quilt:)
Below is the front!
And I thought I had designed a lot 
of tiny bits for my borders!

THANK YOU all for being such great sports about trying out my Robin's Round Robin!!
I loved seeing every one of these and hearing about whether you loved or hated the process.
~Keep stitching

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

"ROMANTIQUE" is Simply Vintage

I am beyond thrilled to announce that one of my 
samples is featured on the cover of this awesome magazine!
~~on stands now~~
"ROMANTIQUE" is the upper left picture and
 it is quite a lovely piece, if I do say so myself:)
Simply Vintage always creates a special little graphic
to go with each design and look how sweet my graphic is!
Thank you, Simply Vintage!!

For those not familiar with FABRIC COLLABORATIONS, 
here is a quick overview.
I fell in love with the fabric in this ca. 1880s block.
It became the jumping off point for the lovely piece, "ROMANTIQUE".
It is romantic and antique:)
Detail of some of the embroidery.  
The samples become a 'search a block' to see if you can 
find the designs I created to match the fabric design.

Simply Vintage magazine is one of the Quiltmania publications and they do fantastic layouts and an overview of some of the antiquing to be found in a feature city each issue.  The magazines are more like a book and a great resource for summer trips.

If you would like to read more about my process 
on this post, Fabric Collaborations

Going to Houston Festival?  I know you are intrigued about collaborating with your stash so come to Festival and take the Fabric Collaborations class with me!

Keep stitching~

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Get a jump on the holidays:)
This fun pattern requires the most minimal of paper piecing in order to get the cool border points that I made by accident and could NOT recreate with piecing no matter how hard I tried!

The wall hanging is only 24" square and additional instructions include a runner and placemats too for complete dining décor:)


Publication previewThis pattern can be yours when you purchase the summer issue of Our Quilting Journey magazine HERE.

Katie Bock, editor, has put together a fun online magazine that features something for everyone so you will receive multiple patterns for the cost of one.

Enjoy and keep quilting.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Appraisals, and workshops and QUILTS, Oh My:) -part 3

Houston Bound and I haven't stopped squealing with delight:)

So SWIMMING SEAHORSE which I recently taught to the West Pasco QG will be my second class and I didn't want to push both together in one post because I had so many lovely photos to show!

Below you will find photos from the latest Seahorse class and it really shows how different fabric choices change the look.
Here is the original sample made by me:
This is such a great Quilt As You Go technique 
that can work for so many things!

We all LOVED the polka dot seahorse!  
That is the fun of workshops to me, seeing what 
fabrics everyone brings and then the 
subsequent, "why didn't I think of that?".
 This seahorse has great value and 
keeps its soft feel!
You don't have to go bright to 
get a good composition.
 I say you don't have to go bright but
I LOVE this orange one...what a surprise:)
For those of you that don't know, 
I love the color orange:)
Better than the orange seahorse is 
the gorgeous smile behind the quilt:)

Marilyn started her
piece in class and once home decided there wasn't enough contrast so I received this pic later in the week where she made a sweet coral seahorse and WOW!

THANK YOU to all the students who gave me permission to photograph their works in progress!!

I love my job and meeting Fantastic students.  I really love lunch time when I get to hear the stories behind these quilters. I try to find time to ask, "what did you do in your life before quilting?".  
This last class had a Navy Veteran, a retired RN, and a retired Judge who is in her 80s. They are all inspiring to me when I think of the times they lived in and what they accomplished.

Keep quilting ~~

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Appraisals, and workshops and QUILTS, Oh My:) -part 2

So in between all the appraisals and training, I have lectured and premiered my new, Fabric Collaborations, workshop to glowing reviews (not that I was shaking in my shoes or anything:)!

Have I told you yet that I will be teaching in Houston???  !!!!  Can you hear me squealing with delight?!

FABRIC COLLABORATIONS will be one of the workshops and the other will be my SWIMMING SEAHORSE which I recently taught to the West Pasco QG.

Here are some teasers to wet your whistle so you will come play with me in Houston...

Fabric Collaborations:
I revealed this last year in this post from September

The class with the Creative Quilters of Citrus County was everything I imagined and more.  The students were open minded, receptive to the idea, and really got on board enjoying something different. 
With permission I will show a few pics of what was being worked on,

Trish and her sister, Maddie, working 
on some lovely pieces inspired by 
the fabrics in their blocks!!
I REALLY LOVED this one!!! 
It had swirls and circles-WOOT!
 These Creative Quilters, Maryann Zutaut and Joy Streicher, had finished products from the Fabric Collaboration workshop with Robin Koehler to share with the guild....YAY YAY YAY!
It didn't have to be applique! 
As you can see above, 
a pinwheel was used to recreate 
the pinwheel from the orphan 
block and with the sewing 
machine, a spool and embroidered
thread were added.
Look at these fantastic floral appliques:)
SO FUN! Thank you Creative Quilters!!

Here is another sample I am 
working on to explain the process. 
Look at this FAB 1880s
block with a sweet daisy print!!

Expand that daisy out to the border and Voila'!

Thank you Kathy Cray!!

Don't you want to come play with me in Houston now??
We are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!