Thursday, February 20, 2020


Thank you SIMPLY MODERNE for publishing this fun 
combination of paper piecing and applique'.
I did pretty well matching my colors
to make it cheerful.
Paper piecing trick: 
I collect notions and such and one of 
the items are the old heavy metal irons.
They are great weights for pressing
a pile of paper pieced blocks FLAT!!

There is an addition of some bias strips 
to the simple paper pieced blocks 
 to create the larger branches. 
I also stitched in some 
little skinny ones for texture.
Then my favorite part...the APPLIQUE'!!!
This is raw edge applique' where wavy lines
were added to the vines for texture .

Lastly, my label.
Here is my lazy label trick...
Fold a square in half to create a triangle, place the 
raw edges of the triangle within the binding 
seam allowance and stitch in place with 
a 1/8" seam just to hold until the binding is added.
THEN, use a sharpie or micron pen to write on it.
Of course the more I look at this photo, pretty sure
I skipped the triangle and wrote directly on that back.
Take that for lazy:)

 Here is the cover of Issue #20 of 
where you will find
Isn't that cover quilt gorgeous too?!!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Beach Glass

Available now....
This is Beach Glass, a fun easy quilt
that will look fantastic in any color way
and has many design options!
It came about through a call for 
submissions from Annie's.
They were looking for quilts
that had one block versatile enough
to create multiple quilts just
by "twisting and turning" the blocks.

Once a color way was chosen,
I made a test block to verify
there would be enough value 
I found my perfect fabric with 
Connecting Threads in their
Sea From Space collection
which is All Batiks!
Easy way to verify you are 
cutting in half correctly...
Line squares up on the diagonal. 
This also allows for cutting multiples.

It feels like it was forever ago that 
I made this quilt because it was
done between travel gigs in a 
maddening schedule.
I believe in the photo above I 
am cutting more/bigger squares in half
for setting triangles:)
Such an easy quilt to assembly!
I have noticed that I really enjoy creating
with the sweet and simple half -square triangles.

Here is where the magic will happen!
You will want to play with the blocks
to see what other layouts you can make!
ENJOY the ride!
Model quilted by a professional long arm quilter
with an all over design, Sally by the Seashore
by Christy Dillon of My Creative Stitches.
 Here is the book cover and the beautiful layout
they gave it in the book.
Thank you ANNIE'S!
The link to PURCHASE so you have
all the lovely options and hopefully
create some new ones!

PS: A sneak peek at an alternate layout courtesy of Annie's!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A quick look back before forward to 2020

Hard to believe 20 years have 
passed since this crew was 
together for a new year, decade,
century, millennium!!
We were stationed in Puerto Rico
for 2000 and what a party!
January in Florida is prime
'drink and a nosh on the water' time:)
March was more hockey watching 
the Bolts kick some ass 
(before imploding later in the season). 
Wearing my new awesome fingerless 
gloves my mom made for me:)
I find them so comfortable for 
handwork too.
April brought a new adventure working
the Connecting Threads booth in Paducah
with this crazy crew!  SO FUN
Meet Amy, Barb, & Micki.
May showed me my 
cutting table for the first 
time in Months...(over a year)!
It was clean once....
Too bad it hasn't stayed clean:)
June was another workshop but  
closer to home.
Thank you Largo Cracker Quilters
July we met some local people
for a day out in Clearwater.
We had a lot of fun once I 
forced my husband out of the house-HA!
August was the BIG trip to 
Grand Rapids, MI for my
long awaited appraisal test!
Great little city and I made 
some new friends too.
My baby girl came to visit
while I was there too!
September brought the news that I PASSED
my appraisal test when I just knew I hadn'
We also celebrated the wedding of
my sweet Lauren to her sweet Clayton!

October brought another birthday
and my baby girls sent me 
this sweet floral arrangement:)

October/November fulfilled 
another bucket item!!!
I was part of the 2019 faculty
Here's to being picked up again for 2020:)
Great life long friends came to 
spend Thanksgiving with us and 
we took them to their first pro
hockey game. So Fun being with them!!!
We have ages of shared history
and love.
I am Very Excited to look forward 
to 2020!!!!!!


for more blogs to follow.

Monday, December 30, 2019

June 2017

I hope you have enjoyed the peeks 
back as much as I have!
These looks back have been
eye opening and I am appreciative
of all that has been accomplished.

This ca 1890 string star quilt was found in 
Plant City, FL on one of my appraisal 
training outings with my friend, Brenda.
It really doesn't fit in with my normal
style but I Love it!  I can't tell
you why other than the red and gold
together is very captivating.
String stars are normally haphazard
and this creator found a way to speak
to my OCD nature.
The gold contains the scrappiness 
that usually stresses my brain.
New workshop in development
and I am looking for 2 Florida guilds
to help me test it in 2020.
Email me for scheduling inquiries.

AUTUMUMS allowed for design
opportunities I never imagined!
You can read more about that HERE

This year I also received the 
gift of a wonderful hand quilting 
client who would also become a 
sweet friend!
Thank You, Kay, for trusting
me with your treasures!
Read about some of Kay's treasures 
in the links below...

These moments in time were not static
for me because they have extended into
my future and created more moments
and bonds that keep me growing every year!

What were you doing in June of 2017?

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Grand Rapids Adventure

August of 2019 I flew to 
Grand Rapids, Michigan to
take my appraisal test that
I had been training for
close to 3 years.

 Here are a couple of shots from inside
the convention center that sits 
along the Grand River.
My test would take place over 2 days.
A friend from Florida (also training to 
be an appraiser) was in town so we 
hung out taking in a lecture,
walking the floor looking at quilts,
and attending one of the Quilts of Valor
presentations where 3 quilts were gifted to Veterans.

 Montage of old quilts (above)
and new quilts (below).
As an appraiser I need to be familiar
with both along with designs
and techniques.

I have a fixation with wrought iron work.
This balcony railing overlooking this hall
caught my eye with its loveliness and deco feel.

 My Lauren drove over from Chicago to
spend some time with me after my test
and help me destress a bit!
It was greatly appreciated!
We headed out to the Meijer Gardens- WOW!
The sculpture above is 
The American Horse by Nina Akamu
and you can hear more about it HERE.
 After spending hours wandering and 
taking a tour, we headed back downtown 
for some chips and margaritas.
We had made pigs of ourselves
earlier at lunch when we 
went to the Polka festival. 
 I can eat a lot of pierogis:)
Now that I am an official
I look forward to a long and 
exciting career meeting quilts
and their makers' stories because
we all love a great story:)

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Another PEEK back in time

We looked pretty good on our  
29th Anniversary:)
We decided to try country line dancing.
It was a fun low-key night out
at our local joint.
This is our dancing instructor.
That summer also treated us all to
We used a minnow box from 
my mother in law to look at 
it and loved the design it made.

How did you watch the eclipse?

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Color Play

Do you ever just pile up pieces of 
fabric to photograph and see
how they look together?
This grouping came home from the 
shop with me and I hadn't been 
putting them together on purpose
but they look lovely together!
What quilt would you make with them?

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