Thursday, October 27, 2022

Fall Montage-GO!

Hello and welcome 
to a quick Fall update:)

After our last post, I went
to Georgia to lecture & teach
my Seahorse to the 
I stayed with my friend, Barb, of 
We gabbed and drank wine
and solved all the problems of 
the world...HA!
On my way home, I stopped
to present the same lecture
in Tallahassee, FL.

Once home, I found 
an email from a quilter
who had requested to use 
my shoes from Shoe Tree,
in an art quilt.
Dorothee's finished piece is shown
here from an exhibit in Germany:)
How cute is this!!

"Hi Robin, Thank you again for permission 
to use your pattern! My Quilt'follow the yellow brick road - follow your bliss' was displayed onseveral occasions with the German Patchwork Guild and will be travelingfor the next 2 years in Germany.  greetings, Doro"

Once home, we needed to get
our house painted due to our HOA....BOO!


Then the moment I had
been dreading.....
a Hurricane!!
As we painted the house, 
my husband suggested I 
change my San Diego flight
just to be safe, so I did.

Then things went downhill
fast and plans changed as 
we were put into evacuation!
The yellow scribble is 
where I live.

SO Many decisions about what parts
 of my business I could sacrifice and it 
was emotionally exhausting!!!
Computer, sewing machine, 
one full lecture, and a couple of 
workshops full of samples 
were taken with me
and everything else was
left behind

We left Monday night and drove
part way to Jacksonville, FL
where the power trucks were
already staging.
On Tuesday we headed for 
Raleigh where my daughter lives
so we could stay with her while
we waited to see if we would 
have a house to go back to .
In the meantime, I changed my
flight again out of Raleigh since
I knew my husband would be safe.

We watched and watched....

By late Tuesday night into 
Wednesday morning the 
storm shifted south enough to 
save my house and business.

I went to San Diego and 
we (husband) talked a lot while I was gone.
Once home we hugged in relief
and overwhelming sadness for
those that took our place as 
the impact of Hurricane Ian
became very clear.

If you have a way to help
those in need, please do.
We donated to 
They do fantastic work in 
the region and pair with
other local charities.

After putting the house 
back together in complete
gratefulness, we had company 
to get ready for .
While out and about, I came 
across this In the Wild:)
"First Christmas" is still 
available through 

If you are hosting a little,
then you must decorate:)
can be found in 

I also had time to finish
this custom car mat for him
that includes a fire station, 
a school, a park, and a grocery
store since he loves to go shopping:)

Custom mats available upon request.
Email me at 

Finally, I got to spend 2 
glorious, exhausting, hilarious,
adventurous weeks with this
little cutie!!

I miss him already, but
I have fun new projects 
to line up for all of you:)

Thank you for your thoughts
this past month. 
In gratitude, R


AQSG Seminar was amazing!

What an incredible group of people
who come together for the 
study of quilting every year.

This year it was in San Diego
and I had never been there, so
I was extra excited.
Then my roomie showed me
our view...Love!

I got us a bottle of wine, 
AND THEN realized
we didn't have an opener.
Scissors to the rescue
(and NOT my good ones:).

WAY too many gorgeous
quits to show here.
Way too many new friends 
to introduce here.

I will show you my auction
haul of some new books and
blocks and a new quilt:)

Thank you to Janet J. for spending
so much time with me!
Thank you to Sharron W.  and Lenna D.
(and her fun friends) for making 
this trip extra fun for me!
Thank you to Kathy C. for being YOU:)
Thank you to Joe C. for putting into
words the tactile feeling that
induces a complete meditative
lull for me every time I pick 
up a needle.
Thank you to everyone at AQSG for 
putting on an amazing adventure 
for all the quilt lovers out here.
Thank you to the Vendors  and 
all the presenters as well!

After days of chatting and learning,
it was time to go home...

Seen at the airport security line:)

I can't wait until next year
when we will meet in Louisville, KY~
For more info:


Wednesday, September 7, 2022

WHERE did summer go??

I looked up and it is September already:)
Hopefully this means that your summer was 
as busy and fun as mine was and you are 
just as surprised as I am.

Since I last wrote, this is what I 
have been up to...

Gondola ride
I will never get to actual Venice so a gondola ride 
at the Venetian was lovely especially when 
you have the BEST singer in the whole city
and you are with your best friend and love!

Friends together
Here is my lovely crew waiting
to get in to see Santana!
I knew I knew a few songs BUT,
I knew way more and had an 
awesome night dancing with 
my sweet sweet Della!!

Bellagio Floral art
When in Vegas, you must go see
the exhibit at the Bellagio!
They were still setting up and allowed
people to walk around and look at 
everything while in process.

AtlantaQuiltSymposium group pic June2022
Here is our awesome group at the 
Cathy Glover presented a FAB lecture
on polyester quilts.
So Much to learn!
I hope to have an opportunity
to go again. These meet ups always
offer an opportunity to nerd out about
quilting and meet new friends.

In July my husband and I went 
to visit mom and get a few things
done around the house. The 
weather did NOT cooperate.
After, we headed to NC to visit
the whole fam:) of both girls, 
their guys, and my little man!!
One day we met mom halfway
so she could spend some time 
with her great grandson!
He is learning how to blow bubbles!

Quilt study with quilts
Another FAB opportunity to meet old
and new friends for a day of quilt study.
Led by our fearless Kathy Cray and Teddy Pruett
we learned about early 20th century quilts 
and our members never disappoint on show/tell!

Fabric collaborations samples
I ventured in the world of virtual teaching!
I was a bit worried about the tech but
the students were awesome and I 
couldn't have wished for a better first experience.

I was in a few magazines this summer:)
Hope you received a couple of them
or go look for them.
All of these publications offer 
so much for today's quilter!
BottleBrushBursts quilt in Quiltmania
Meet, "Bottle Brush Burst" in Quiltmania!
So excited to be in this issue and their staging
is so cool!
A subscription to this magazine would
be so worth it...great articles and exhibit
pictures of quilt shows over seas.

CharaMums quilt in AQmagazine
Meet, "Chara Mums" in AQ magazine.
This staging was beyond!!! 
I love Autumn and I just want to live
in this space:)
If you aren't a member, you should be:)

First Christmas in Annies Winter magazine
Meet "First Christmas" in 
the special issue by 
With a new little in the 
family it is only natural that
thoughts would turn to 
sweet Christmas.
This issue has so much more
than quilts though.

THANK YOU to all the publications
who continue to choose my designs
and work with me!
I am forever grateful:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Paducah 2022 and a wee one:)

Not my first choice, but rooms
went fast in Paducah this year!
Thankfully the view was pretty
and watching the tugboats
with their multiple barges
was interesting!

I had the wonderful honor
to appraise at the AQS
Paducah show along 
with taking my 
appraiser class.
After work, I was able
to peek about and see
the fabulous quilts on display.
Here are a few of my favorites:
Janet Stone's work 
is magnificient!

Keiko Morihiro's quilt
blew me AWAY!
I am completely inspired
by her lovely,
intricate work.
Linday Roy Never
I have been a fan
for many years and 
every time I see
one of her quilts, I stand
and gawk in awe!!
I want to be her when
I grow up:)

While in Paducah, I went 
to see the Red & Green and
exhibits by Sue Reich.
Here I am with 
my sweet friend, 

Paducah offered wonderful
weather, meals with old
and new friends
and plenty of visual 

My husband decided to 
come along this year
so that we could make 
a trip north to visit the little 
after all my work was done:)

Gorgeous golden fields
adorn the state of KY
this time of year, keeping
us stocked up with
canola oil.

ALL those miles
on the road were
worth it for this
Keep Stitchin'

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

2022 Travels, so far:)

Mostly a picture post:)
In February/beginning 
of March,
we were still traveling
to various quilt guild shows
so that I could do 
Our view in Daytona...
Above: Naples at night
Below: Naples in day
(both views from our hotel).
After Naples, I had a ton
of work to catch up on 
including another magazine 
quilt coming later this 
year to AQ magazine.

Finally, in April, I had 
a bit of time to recharge
when I attended a FAB
quilt retreat at the 

The group of talent
and kindness at retreat
Sooo many laughs
and the delightful 
scenery made
my spirit soar!

There is an old
abandoned wool
mill next to the Inn.
We took a quick peek
at the old buildings
one afternoon.

OH, the stories
these buildings 
could tell....

A few of us went for a 
scenic drive one afternoon.

There were lots of 
Christmas Tree farms 
in the region.
The pic above shows the 
replanted hills.

One afternoon we held
an antique quilt turning
and the beauty just kept

I will be forever 
grateful for being invited
to share space 
with quilters
of all walks of life
who graciously shared
their knowledge 
and themselves
with me for 
a few days one April!
~Thank you~

Monday, April 18, 2022

Sew Much Fun Tour: Week #39

Welcome to the 
Sew Much Fun Tour 
where many designers have 
come together in collaboration to 
design a slew of sewing themed blocks.

Sew Much Fun Button
I had some ideas and then looked 
at what was already being done-WOW! 
There are so many lovely
blocks to choose from and you
will have a FAB time assembling
them all into a great scrappy quilt.

My version of a tomato pincushion
is quick and easy with 5 pins
allowing you to decorate
your pin heads any way 
you see fit.
I really love the bling but
how fun are the letter beads
allowing you to spell out
PINS, or any other word
that fits your style.

Because I couldn't choose 
between my 2 block ideas,
I have turned the second
into a sweet little 12"
project that can be an 
addition to your BOM
sampler or a stand alone quiltlet:)
in my Etsy shop.

Keep the fun going by visiting
other designers on the tour.

The 3 designers before me are: