Friday, August 10, 2018

Heritage Story: Green Strip Quilt


You have met Kay before here on my blog.  I adore working with her to finish these lovely works of art.

Heritage Stories
This quilt had rows of pieced swirl blocks and I wasn't sure at first how to best showcase them.  There is a suggested rule of thumb that using curved quilting on geometric and geometric on curves are good ways to accent a design so that was what I leaned on to quilt these blocks.  They are a variation of a Snail Trail so I decided on large concentric swirls coming from the centers and it worked. 
Heritage Stories

The alternate rows were a strip of preprinted Calla Lilies.  I have said this before, let the fabric tell you what to do.  Any other design may have distracted from the lovely florals so a gentle outline and some freehand swirls was all that was necessary to accent the great design already done for me by the fabric designer.
Kay sent me green thread to work with and although hesitant at first, I fell in love with how well everything shows!

Lastly, the borders....look at that print!  I didn't outline EVERY detail but there was enough here to outline key features and provide enough quilting to keep consistency across the quilt.
It is so exciting watching a top come alive into a finished quilt one stitch at a time!

There are more #heritagearchitect stories to come....
In the meantime, Kay wrote a couple of sweet posts that you can read below.  We were finally able to meet this past October when I went to her ice dye show in Ocala.  So much talent!!
There is also a post about the story of her quilt above.... I'll let her show you the full quilt:)

Quilt Story: