Wednesday, February 8, 2012


For those of you perplexed about the post title, it stands for Drop and Give Me Twenty:)  It isn't too late to join us...just click on the link in Beth's name below.

So, I know it doesn't look like much but this is my other handwork the last 2 days...I have hand pieced 7 Drunkards Path blocks and have an 8th one on the pillow:)  I took a class with Pepper Cory, Queen of the Drunkards Path, about 2 years ago.  This block has always intrigued me and then I found out how much more you can do with it!  Curved piecing intimidated me for years and I hoped that a class would boost my confidence...well how could it not when the pieces are so big:)  Still after being all cut, they sat in my closet scaring me from the dark.  Now that I have pulled them out and taken a deep breath, they are actually getting done. I am still a bit nervous about stretching them too much but they are coming together nicely.  I will still have to find a way to add applique because that is what I do!!!

My friend, Beth, is getting so much more done...check out her blog and join us:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

The House Quilt Project

16" x 20"
"When the world is upside down, there is no cliche to "Home is where the Heart is" for the military families who keep a strong home base no matter where in the world it is! Thank you to the active duty and the families for their sacrifices. It is an honor to give this small bit of myself to you!"
This is such a great project and if you have a bit of yourself to give, visit The House Quilt Project to read more about my donation, see lots of others, read the guidelines, and maybe donate one yourself.  Thank you Jamie Fingal for all you do for this project!
I thought I was being so clever with the upside globe as my roof and it is cute, I guess, although a bit cartoony:)  I hope the recipient enjoys it.  It is sometimes difficult for me to walk away from an idea once I have it and that is what happened here...Once the upside globe was in my head, it had to work!  I have been fortunate to know only a handful of people that have had to endure these hardships and my heart aches for the rest.  May they all come home soon, for good!!!

My "Drop and Give Me 20" project is coming along but not as well as I would have liked.  I am so out of practice with my machine quilting!!  This was the first day of February where I spent my dedicated time (and then some) getting it basted.  I committed to 30 minutes a day and am still getting it all in, and more, just with handwork that I can't quite show yet:)  Keep it up my fellow 'committees':)  If my machine work improves, I will show a detail shot of what I am getting done.

In the meantime, keep quilting even if it is one stitch at a time...They all add up to done:)