Monday, November 26, 2018


I hit the Big 50 this year!  What a month October was!! Between family and friends, I really celebrated!!!!!

I went on 2 party trips, one personal trip, and a business trip so lots of flying!
The first trip was with a dear friend I have known my whole adult life. She is a big sister to me! We are 10 years plus 2 days apart in our birthdays and I love that she dubbed this trip the, "Not yet 50/60 Tour"!! We had a blast together and just laughed for 3 days straight! Hello Nashville
This was our first trip kids.
The view for our catch up was wonderful!

 We did a lot of walking, talking, drinking, singing, and some dancing.  There was an art walk one night and we started off playing guitar:)  We found a street festival and then.....
 On our way to do some country line dancing, we came across this New Orleans-style jazz band in Printer's Alley.  
We followed them into Alley Taps Gin fun!
There are way too many stories to tell here about the people we met and had conversations with but Sweetheart never met a stranger and that makes for a lot of fun if you are open to it!
 Then the BIG NIGHT arrived!
This was the big gift from our Loves.  
Thank you to 2 amazing guys for a Fantastic gift! 
We were off to see BRUNO MARS!  
I knew I liked Bruno's music but as with most artists, they have lots of other songs that fill an album so I wasn't sure how many I would actually know...In a 2 hour concert, I knew every song but 2 and was stunned!  We basically stood and sang and danced for 2 hours.  
What an amazing showman!
Here is my Friend, my big Sis!! She is Absolutely 24K Magic!!!  
I want to be her when I grow up!!
Love you Della!!!!