Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October AAQI Auction

October 1st will start the monthly AAQI auction to raise research money for Alzheimers. There are 26 lovely small pieces of art to bid on.

Here is my Playful Posie (#2868) in honor of my Great Aunt Barbara. Aunt Barbara recently passed from Alzheimer's and was the 3rd of my Grandmother's sisters to have her life ravaged by this disease. I hadn't seen her in probably 4 years but always remember she had a twinkle in her eye and a playful spirit. We will miss you.

When I was small we would visit her home for big family events and I have great memories of playing with my cousins there. The boys were just enough older that it was fun for them to tell my brother and I those awful scary stories to freak us out. That playful spirit lives on in them and in all the memories we will carry with us.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Gallery Showing

This past week I was approached by a local wood studio
to hang a few of my pieces in their gallery. Nice Figures', world renown, artwork is breathtaking, to say the least; and so I was extremely honored that they approached me. The organic nature of both mediums is a wonderful pairing.
They have the most unique and high quality wood I have ever seen. All the artwork is created on site and so the smell of the gallery evokes so many memories for me of my grandpa's workshop. I loved going in amongst the machines and sawdust....miss you grandpa.

The gallery chose Autumn Shores and Frozen Days from my website

A third piece, Marriage, will hang exclusively in their gallery through the holidays.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pick one color

Under my 'Creative Living' post (7/31) there is a black, white, and blue piece. Both that piece and the piece seen here resulted from the work-for-trade (7/21) piece that I made. Once I got going, I really enjoyed working in a series and seeing what else I could do with a limited color palette.

The original piece is named "Pine Knoll Blues" after the beach where the photo was taken. The second piece is named "Which Way to the Beach" since it is an abstract of a traditional quilt block named flying geese. The piece directly below is named "Blue Peacock" because it reminds me of a back view of a peacock tail. There are quilted feathers as well.

I started the original project timidly because I worried that a limited color palette would stifle my thought process. The opposite actually happened and now I am looking at my fabrics for the next color to play with.