Monday, April 28, 2014

I am all around the Blog world lately....

So I have this internet/FB/Quilt Designer friend who is a laugh riot!!  Every time I read her blog or FB posts, I either giggle or completely understand her point of view.  I highly recommend checking in on Beth Helfter of EvaPaige Designs! (And, I am not overusing my exclamation points!!)

This month I was her Quilting Hottie in the Hotseat where I answered burning questions like, " what is the nerdiest thing about you?"  I guess you will have to hop over there to find out:)

Have you heard of Quilt Dots?  If not, you are going to be so happy, especially if you are a sucker for office supplies the way I am!
These adorable little 1" magnets, pins, or Giant paper clips (bookmarks) are made from quilt patterns of designers.  This means that you get like groupings of quilt styles.
Of course, my favorite are the Giant Paper Clips!  If you are a paper piecer, they are a great way to organize your templates.  They are also great for clipping together coupons, guild info, fabric swatches, potato chip bags:), etc.  I think maybe I am hungry....
Make sure you click on this link to read the interview AND enter to win fun Dots and a pattern.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

HAPPY 2014 and ....

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy President's Day, Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Easter, and Beyond!

Well 2013 sure was a very busy year for me and I know you have been wondering where I have been:) After not writing for so long, I wonder myself.....
To get us back on track, this post will mostly be a photo wrap up of what I have been doing.  I know it will pain you to look at photos vs. read big long paragraphs of tedious details, but please try to suffer through!
Here are the Highlights:)
1. Three new designs found here:
'Just Hangin' Out' is an adorable monkey quilt
'Semper Paratus' is for the patriot in us all and has all the letters to adapt to any service.
'Blooms of Hope' allows us to send healing flowers to anyone with the change of a color.
2. These 3 photos show my Festival Booth in Houston last October where I debuted my new designs along with 2 photos of what the floor and aisles look like.  It is so hard to wrap your head around how large it all is.
3. The top photo is TREEO by Linda Evans bought from the SAQA Auction. Just Adorable!
The bottom quilt is my Star House donated to the House Quilt Project run by Jamie Fingal.
4. This little cutie was given to me by my guild for my service as Leader for the last 2 years.  I volunteered for another and was told not to expect another quilt:)  WHAT? :))
5. My husband bought me show tickets to We Will Rock You, the Queen musical for my birthday and it was only playing in Miami.  So we went to South Beach for an overnight trip and whilst walking the strip, I found a window full of Rhinestone covered shoes!!  I could never wear them but so shiny and pretty!!
6. Merry Christmas 2013 with my smart and gorgeous and talented and funny daughters!!
7. I found this fantastic wrought iron door stop whilst antiquing with my girls.  Parts of my life have been a bit like a fairy tale and IT is Orange!!  How could I pass it up!
8.  We rang in 2014 in Key West where they drop a Drag Queen named Sushi in a giant red pump.
9. My juried entry into the 2014 Mancuso Mid Atlantic quilt show Hampton, Va.
10.  A huge splurge for me as I bid on and won this mini quilt at my guild's annual charity auction.
11. This is our new baby, Biscuit.  He is a rescue Wheaten and what a sweetheart.
12. Finished my mom's Hawaiian quilt.  Last year she mentioned how she had always wanted one and I opened my mouth before realizing what I was undertaking.  It is 40+ x 60+ and all needle turn applique and hand quilted in the traditional echo style.  Turned out beautifully and I don't ever need to make another:)
13. GO BOLTS!  The Tampa Bay Lightning made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs.  They aren't doing so well but still an accomplishment.  The game we went to was Great: lots of action!
The St. Louis Blues are in too and doing well I hear:)  GO BLUES!
14. Here is my little Pooka Duck.  She is our other little Wheaten. She and new big brother are doing well even though she really gets on his last nerve sometimes:)
So there are my last 8 months in review with many of the other usual things in between!
There are more fun things to come in between my youngest daughter's college graduation and a dear friend coming to visit in June.  Stay Tuned and keep quilting!