Friday, September 28, 2012

And Yet, another direction

Last post I spoke about the direction of my work; and yet, here is another direction entirely that I also love to work in.  Somehow painting the piece vs. printing a photograph before I do my thread painting makes it feel more my own.  When I wrote of this in the past, comments were very favorable toward the work and time involved in getting a good and balanced photo and they are absolutely correct.  Good photography is a skill set unto itself.  I don't claim to be a very good photographer and so the thread enhances them, in my opinion.  The texture of a thread painting is another draw for me as well.  These have become my Threadscapes and they keep me excited.
View from covered bridge in Indiana
This newer piece is painted on watercolor paper during a class I was taking.  Watercolor really appeals to me although I am not very good at it either-yet!  What I am excited about is the detailing I will get to add as I start painting with thread on the machine.  It may not sound like it will make a big difference but the next picture shows my point.
Here is Majestic and how it came to be .   When you look at the before and after, is there any doubt that the stitches add depth and richness to the painting? This piece sold promptly at the next show I entered it into which made me very proud.
Do you have a favorite method to work in (raw edge fusible, painting, dyeing, abstract, etc)? Do you concern yourself with whether all your work should be in the same style or do you like to have 2-3 different styles?

Today is Off the Wall Friday so please be sure to see what other wonderful styles our fellow artists are working in here.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Art feels great

Making New Art feels so freeing. 
You may remember this piece from my 2009 post.

Tributaries Copyright 2009
I had so much fun creating it and I'm not sure how I became so sidetracked that I didn't do more of them.

Now I am getting excited again about this direction of work.  The above photo is the back of the piece and the below photo is the finished piece mounted to mat board.  It all came together nicely from having just the right sketch to just the right fabric to showcase the sketch to the beads and the mat board.
This will hopefully be going to a gallery in New Hampshire; and, as with all my work, there is a small bit of me that wants to keep it.  I just love it!  Now the hard part of naming it......

Come see what some other artists are working on here.  This is a weekly art blog hop called Off the Wall Fridays.

'Til next time:)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back into a Gallery

I have to say, it feels good to be getting back to exhibiting my artwork.  I have a few pieces at a local Art Council space in Tarpon Springs, FL. Plus......
When I lived in NC, you may remember that I belonged to an art quilt group named Artrageous.  I left my challenge piece with them since there was some talk of us having a group exhibit at a local gallery in Greenville, NC.  Sure enough, here it is.
We are on exhibit at the Emerge Gallery in Greenville, NC.  This piece looks so much better on a white backgroud since you can really see the shape of my personal piece and the colors really pop for all the others.
For a better look at all the pieces, you can go to this previous post.

Of course, this isn't our first exhibit....Here is my Fractured Flower from the 2008 challenge.  It was very interesting to see what happened and although I didn't think it would work, it really does.
Our Fractured series was exhibited at the Inkstone Gallery in Greenville in 2009 and you can read more about these at the link below.
I am very proud of this group and wish them all the best going forward!