Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring into UWIB

Welcome to our 2nd Unique Women in Business blog hop where we are helping everyone hop into Spring with wonderful gift ideas for birthdays, easter, graduation, and Mother's Day.

'Swaying Hearts'
'Swaying Hearts' is one of my newest designs done in an adorable 3-1/2" x 4-1/2" size:

Because I am a designer, most of my quilt patterns are applique designs vs. pieced patterns and this allows me endless ways of recreating my designs.

With the new lines of beautiful variegated threads on the market (Sulky, YLI), I can do outline embroidery in any color I want and the variegation adds more interest than the traditional redwork. Beading is one of my passions: Since I like the look of variegated threads so much, I have started learning how to make my own bead mixes to create variegated bead embroidery. Above, 'Swaying Hearts' was first painted and then beaded.

The applique work is available now at the etsy store link above. If you are interested in either the embroidery or beaded work, please email me at

I absolutely love the challenge of taking a sketch or idea of mine and finding how many different ways I can rework it, taking it from black and white to beautiful colors represented in the world around us. Now that Spring is here, we are surrounded by color in various shades and hues and tints: The flowers that nature provides us are already variegated for our joy.

Please enjoy the wonderful Spring bounty provided by my fellow UWIB ladies:

Birgitte Hendricks

Also, here are the links to our ETSY TeamLink


Bella Linda Designs said...

Those are so beautiful...I love the floral design on these pieces. And the bright colors, too!

Having a great time reading unique women in business blogs on SPRING!

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Anonymous said...

Your Swaying Hearts are so very beautiful. Lovely work!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

WOW! Your work is absolutely beautiful! That's amazing that you can create the beautiful images and work in such small quilts.

Harvest Moon by Hand

Karen Terry, Artist/Designer said...

Robin, You are so very gifted! Such a beautiful talent to be able to create your own designs!


Life Is A Lark said...

Your work is gorgeous.

Nancy's WildWire said...

Robin your art work is wonderful! Quilts are such beautiful way to show it off:) Very nice.
Off to read more UWIB blogs and dream.

WellspringCreations said...

You've created a whole bouquet with your variations on one flower! Beautiful!

This blog hop is like a quick peek into the Spring that I know MSUT be on eway!


Jenn Brockman said...

The last photo of the flower with the beads around the edge - gorgeous!

Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Omigosh!! I really want one of those. I am so saving up and will get one for April. Love it!

Trudy aka Momma Goddess

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what beautiful handmade works of art. I love the delicate designs :0)

foxygknits said...

How great that you have the ability to combine your talents and get such gorgeous results!

Kelly said...

I probably say this every time , I see your work .
"Your designs are So Amazing"
I can not fathom how much patience and Focus you have.

The Swaying heart design is so vibrant.

capecodjewel said...

I love the painted and beaded version of "Swaying Hearts"... the design translates so well using those mediums. Very pretty!

Linda :)

Janet Bocciardi said...

I love the beading you've added - bet in person it's even more beautiful. What fun you must have!

Happy Spring!

Aquarian Bath said...

I love your work. The quilt in the previous blog post was absolutely stunning!

SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies said...

Your work is just superb!
And I agree totally, it is so an exciting process to develop designs from scratch and see how far one can take them.

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Elephunk said...

I think the beaded one is my favorite

Audrey said...

Gorgeous post Robin! I love your floral designs and beautiful color selections!!
Lovig this UWIB blog hp!


Anonymous said...

I am coming in late to this Robin [time!] but I love your swaying hearts! and I wanted you to know...