Friday, August 26, 2011

More from Florida...

Florida has brought lots of new adventures for us...This was a visitor to our front door the other evening. I heard this scraping noise and ta-da. He was about the size of a serving platter and I am thankful he wasn't an alligator:)

The bananas are doing well. We ended up with about 12 and supposedly it will be another month before they are done...I have learned A LOT about bananas.

Here is our new kitchen table...
It is an antique Mah jong game table from China. It doesn't match one single thing in my house but it is the only table that Jim and I completely loved.

Mah jong is a game played with a set of 136 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols.

The sides have carved panels and a drawer on every side as well.

The top is very rustic looking with chinese red highlights that I will find a way to incorporate into the kitchen decor.

My next wonderful find is this antique silk loom component. I still haven't been completely able to figure out which part it is but am thinking it is the part that packs the threads together once the shuttle has passed by.

Here is a detail pic of the hand carving and the tiny little wooden threads to separate the silk threads.

I found this little lovely at the local Salvation Army store--$1.99--Bargain. Then another row over I found it's mate so for $4 I walked out with treasures to decorate my new computer room with.

Here is my new computer room. The computer is on a wall opposite the couch. This room is so relaxing--all my favorite colors and quilts!

I have been quilting I promise (Market will be here before I know it:) and there will be pictures coming soon. In between quilting though I have visited the local antique stores for inspiration and a couple of new pieces to add to my very eclectic home.


kathy said...

Love love love the green lotus flowers and your room looks awesome! I'm so jealous..your new table looks cool too. I guess I'm just going to have to start visiting those resale shops again...I always loved finding the neatest things there at bargain prices.

Susan said...

Thanks for the pics. Your computer room is lovely! Great way to showcase your quilts...

mageez said...

Your loom component looks to be a reed. the warp threads pass thru each space in the reed. if you want to see some photos of a more current reed let me know.

Robin said...

Thank you to my QA friends who offered these descriptions for my loom piece:

Bev-The batten is used between each throw of the shuttle to beat the weft threads into a smooth even row -- the sequence is very soothing -- throw shuttle, pull batten to beat the row even, throw shuttle the other way -- wash, rinse, repeat!

Susan-It's a reed and a very beautiful one at that, just magnificent. You correctly guessed, it's used to beat the weft.What a wonderful find.

Pat-The item in question from a loom is called a "reed". It is used to hold the warp threads so that they don't tangle and so that they will provide a nice, even spacing and tension when the shuttle is passed between the layers. For a plain weave the weaver will raise, with foot pedals, every other thread with each pass of the shuttle. The reed is built, or clamped into, the "beater bar" which is basically the wooden frame in your photo. This fits into the loom and can be moved back and forth.

I love it and Thanks again for your knowledge!

Jean Baardsen said...

Hi Robin,

Great pictures! Sure sounds like you're enjoying your new home. Happy for you! We managed fine with Irene - just some damage to one tree. Had our power back in less than 48 hours. I was impressed.