Wednesday, February 8, 2012


For those of you perplexed about the post title, it stands for Drop and Give Me Twenty:)  It isn't too late to join us...just click on the link in Beth's name below.

So, I know it doesn't look like much but this is my other handwork the last 2 days...I have hand pieced 7 Drunkards Path blocks and have an 8th one on the pillow:)  I took a class with Pepper Cory, Queen of the Drunkards Path, about 2 years ago.  This block has always intrigued me and then I found out how much more you can do with it!  Curved piecing intimidated me for years and I hoped that a class would boost my confidence...well how could it not when the pieces are so big:)  Still after being all cut, they sat in my closet scaring me from the dark.  Now that I have pulled them out and taken a deep breath, they are actually getting done. I am still a bit nervous about stretching them too much but they are coming together nicely.  I will still have to find a way to add applique because that is what I do!!!

My friend, Beth, is getting so much more done...check out her blog and join us:)

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Beth said...

Looking good! Thanks for the pitch!