Monday, November 17, 2008

A Mermaid's Playground

This past weekend, the Arts Council that I am involved with hosted a mini show to celebrate the one year mark for our Adopt an Artist program. I wanted to have a new piece to show vs. the 7 in the catalog that the businesses can choose from....she exceeded my vision.

We invited the already existing business representatives along with new businesses that we would like to sign up for the program. The program has been a wonderful experience for me by allowing my art to be shown to audiences that wouldn't normally see it. This cycle I was adopted by the Leon Mann Senior Center in Morehead City. They chose all 7 pieces that will hang through December.

Lorelai, the mermaid, was a lot of fun for me and I am very pleased with how my threadwork turned out for the coral.

Of course, when I start a project around here it somehow becomes a family event with recommendations and ideas flying from every angle. Some I accept and some I don't. Usually the creativity of this family adds hours more work but is worth it in the end.

I knew I wanted beading on her tail but the idea just wasn't coming together quickly enough until my daughter suggested her idea....

I machine quilted a clamshell design and then placed a bead at each point of the stitching, by hand. The beading was a lot of work but the results were just more than I imagined.
So now the mini show is over and she is mine to submit to shows. I am very excited about where she may end up.


norma said...

Your mermaid is quite fetching. Since her tail begins at what would normally be a belly button, I would give her one and definitely put a jewel in it.

Anonymous said...

I think your mermaid needs a jeweled belly button. She is still amazing without on though

Pepper Cory said...

Wahoo-quite the lovely, your mermaid. She doesn't need a jeweled belly button-leave that to Britney Spears! Very pretty.