Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The UFOs are taking over....

and I don't mean the space kind :)  If you are like me, then you know exactly what I mean.  This year I will be attempting to finish one per month, put some on etsy, donate some to my guild luncheon boutique and to the Alzheimer's Priority Auctions.  That should put a dent in the old ones as I start new ones:)) Here is my January UFO...it has been done except for the frog for over a year and a half.  Now the froggie is on and it is ready to be shipped to my sweet daughter, Devin. She has waited patiently long enough!
Devin's Frog
copyright 2007 NESTLINGS by Robin
This quick quilt was made using scrap strips and the very easy Quilt-as-you-go Tasseled Strip quilt pattern from Suzn Quilts.  The froggie is my design and was used on my nephew's baby quilt back in 2007.
Meet Avery
The froggies on his quilt were about 4" x 5" so I traced the outer edges of the froggie and scanned that into the computer.  Then I printed it as 'fit to page' onto 11' x 17' so that I would have a larger template for fusing onto the quilt for Dev.  It isn't exactly proportional, but what she wanted.
Dev's Frog Detail
What UFO will you finish this year??  Pick just one and you will be amazed at how good it feels to finish--so good, you will choose another to work on:) Until February, Keep quilting!


Jean Baardsen said...

Cute! I love frogs!

Susan said...

Thanks so much for the nice feedback from my introduction to the artquilt list. It is funny how other people perceive me ... you said "accomplished"! Wow! I read lists and other blogs and generally feel dismally unaccomplished! I'm hoping the coming year brings about change in this way of looking at the world and my output. I hope the coming year brings many of your UFOs into another "finished" state of being ... because, if that cute frog is any indication, there's going to be much, much more beauty in the world! Thanks so much!

Judy Glover said...

So the frogs are perfect for kids and growmups!

meg said...

That frog is awesome!