Sunday, January 1, 2012


What a beautiful way to start every day and a Happy New Year...

How it looked on Dec 5th
This is the view from my computer:))

So a new year is preparing to bloom, what is your biggest goal?  Normally this is where I post my list of all that I accomplished this year but it hasn't been written yet since I have my girls visiting and I don't want to waste one moment with them!!

My word for 2011 was 'Transition' and it really was:
We bought a house--moved from NC to FL, leaving my children behind,--I vended at Houston Market for the first time--met new friends.  From July to December was the longest I had ever been away from my girls and we have all had to transition through this new stage of family.  I would say that has been the hardest of the transitions.

Who knows what 2012 will bring for me, my family, and my business but I am hopeful and excited and looking forward to seeing dear friends in all my journeys!


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Anonymous said...

I for one am very glad you have made the transition from NC to FL. We of the Hidden Stitches are so glad to welcome you. It is so nice to have one so talented and friendly as a member of our group. Hope 2012 make all your wishes come true.