Friday, June 18, 2010

Paper Cloth Clutch

This is the paper cloth that I was working with a few months ago. I really did have a lot of fun with it and yet wondered what to do with it. It sat staring at me for quite some time. There are so many cute little bags or needle cases that can be made and I just needed to figure out what form I wanted to give to my work.

What is it about 'little' boxes and bags and places to hide stuff that is so compelling? I could never use them all nor do I need them but it is so hard to walk by a little box without wanting to at least open it and look inside---even though you know it is empty:) I am not really girly enough that I change my purses a lot but I love all the new styles of wallets and little bags to put inside my purse. Opening my purse is a colorful adventure where every thing has a little bag to be in: business cards, lip gloss and pill case, etc.

So one day I set out to make fimo buttons/beads and embedded some turquoise beads into the dough to match the paper cloth. Then while wrestling items on one of my shelves this eyelash yarn that matched perfectly fell into my hands and the result is this sweet little clutch.
7" wide by 3" high (space inside) with a fiber/bead closure
Paper cloth with inspirational quotes written on it.
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