Monday, July 26, 2010

Art with function

Recently friends of mine had to close their gallery and move away. Before leaving we bartered for each other's art. I am pretty sure I got the better end of the deal on this one. This vase stands about 12" tall and is made of Redwood Burl with one simple copper strip inserted within the natural figuring of the wood. Their work enhances the natural beauty of the wood and the finish is so amazing you just can't keep your hands off of it.
Yesterday my daughter brought me flowers because she said the vase looked too bare:) She chose well...the flowers accent the vase perfectly!


kathy said...

Gorgeous vase Robin...sorry they had to close up shop.

Jean Baardsen said...

That is beautiful! I've traded pottery for quilts before and been very happy with my end of the trade. Robin, I've enjoyed seeing all your photos from the Florida trip. Great that you got to meet and spend time with the other Robin!