Friday, October 15, 2010


I realize it may not be proper to tell everyone how much I love my birthday but I don't care. Women diminish so many things in our lives because it isn't ladylike to sing our isn't humble to want the spotlight.

Sorry....I do want the spotlight and I enjoy having one day a year where attention is paid to me and gifts given to me. While we are at it, I love winning ribbons and making money from my art. There I said it out loud and I firmly believe there are many others just like me. I may not be very good at taking compliments (they make me very uncomfortable) but when I know they are sincere, I glow on the inside.
The first gifts to arrive were a wonderful new Flip video camera from my dear husband (look for video tutorials in my future:) and my copy of the QNN dvd for new members.
I was given this complimentary copy because when you join, I am one of the sponsors of free patterns this year and there are many other wonderful gift ideas as well.
My next fun gift was from my daughter...An Evening with John Barrowman. He is the heart throb from the BBC Torchwood series. He has an amazing voice and sings cheesy love songs and disco tunes on this much fun and very easy on the eyes:)
Because life is not all sunshine, my rejected book proposal came back to me next. It was bittersweet- unhappy it was rejected but happy to have my project (babies) back.
My mother always sends me something fun and unexpected and this year was no different. Mom is a master knitter and I love scarves so this year....
a box of Potato chip scarves. How fun are they? Just swirls of fuzziness:)
Then to top that.........

A vegan 100% silk scarf that is so light and lace-like I am a bit hesitant to wear it. It is fragile and wonderful and I can't wait to wear it:) This is my first bit of silk and now it is time to go shopping to find the perfect blouse to wear it with!

Thank you to my friends who sent cards and facebook well wishes. I am very happy to be here another year and feel loved.


Leah Day said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robin! This is so cool - your birthday is exactly 7 days from mine!

I loved what you wrote at the beginning of this post. It exactly fits how I feel about my birthday this year. It feels a little weird to say it, but it's damn nice being made a big deal about!

I'm doing a post today and will quote your blog post and link you up. I hope that adds a little icing to your cake!


Leah Day

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great one :)

norma said...

Happy, happy birthday! I think birthdays are special, too. Yours sounded like a good one.

kathy said...

Happy Birthday Robin! Your b'day didn't come up on FB and I bad. Sounds like it was a great one and I am glad you have been here another year! (See, if you don't come to Susan's for Houston your b'day, I'm clueless.)

nanaandpapa1 said...

hi Robin, not sure why I picked this post to comment on but here I am. as and intro let me say nanaandpapa1 = campnana.blogspot = zentangle quilts = jean 'n charlie = jean condon (I should just settle on one identity in the same way i should settle on just one career and just one craft, but I don't see any of that happening any time soon ) love what you and Leah Day have to say about birthdays, mine is tomorrow. Love your blog too and your quilts..... Ahhhhhhh so sweet. I'm keeping my eye on you, I have so much to learn. thanks for sharing.