Saturday, January 1, 2011


What a year 2010 was in many ways. As I reviewed what I had accomplished it didn't seem all that impressive compared to 2009 and then I realized I made huge strides in confidence....and though the list may appear a bit shorter in length, it was in no way smaller in the depth of the accomplishments.

Last year my word was Diligence. I was diligent in rewriting my book proposal even though it has been rejected for a second time. I was diligent in not letting opportunities pass me by and that enabled me to be published twice along with having a design be included in the Quilter's Club of America promotional CD. When the gallery that had been representing me closed, I found a new gallery. I know I could have done much better but I also see how much forward progress I made.

My word for 2011 is Transition. Transition number one:
Meet Junie (short for Juniper)
Our beloved little Schmoopy died last February and we were completely heartbroken. She was the sweetest little beagle ever and the only dog I have truly loved! Just saying her name, Schmoopy, made me mushy inside.
We swore that we wouldn't get another dog for years so that we could travel, get settled, blah blah blah:) A couple of weeks before Christmas my husband stated that he missed having a dog--I agreed. After a couple of other beagle opportunities fell through, we found an ad for a pure breed beagle female, 3-4 months old, $50-family couldn't keep her.
We got there and she is so NOT a pure breed but she was also so malnurished and unwanted (wanted a hunting dog and she was too skittish) that I couldn't leave her there. She came to us the Sunday before Christmas and everyone loves her.
How could you not? Look at that face:) Having said that, I had forgotten how much work a dog---especially a puppy is! My nice quiet work days are gone for awhile as we all take turns on puppy watch.

Transition number 2: We received our official transfer orders 3 days before Christmas. We will be moving to Clearwater, FL in June. This will be our first move without our daughters and feels very strange to be considering what items will stay here with them, getting the younger settled into an apartment, and making sure they are prepared to be on their own. It feels against nature to me that the parents should move away from the children. So far I have been great at stuffing the feelings but June will be miserable for bittersweet! I am so proud of them moving forward in their lives and I don't want to miss any of it. The military will not allow for that I am afraid. We have always done everything as a family and this will be a major transition for us all.

Transition number 3: This will take place in my work although I am not 100% sure of just how yet. I have been sitting on the fence for the past 2 years about how to balance my time between the artwork and the quilt patterns. I love them both and at times one is progressing further than the other. Sometimes I feel that I should choose one over the other and I am getting closer to a decision. Moving will also put a crimp in what I can get accomplished this year due to the lost time from packing up and then unpacking.
Transition this year will involve my work, my friendships, my living environment, my schedule, my family. I have some wonderful goals set up to guide me so that I don't get too off course with everything else that will demand my time.
Setting the goals is a great opportunity for me to always feel that I am moving forward since although it doesn't all get done, more gets done than if I didn't have it:)
What will you make happen for yourself this year?


Wen Redmond said...

One of my words was transition. Things in my life are changing- kids moving, marrying and the like.
I know what it is like to lose a K-9 friend and companion.
Suggestion- create your art cloth and use your patterns with that~

Anonymous said...

O Robin, we'll miss you at artrageous. I'm glad you rescued a dog. both of mine are rescued mixed breeds. Good luck with the transitions. Mary

kathy said...

I can't imagine trying to juggle everything that comes with moving long distance AND trying to make art too. I imagine myself with all my supplies packed in totes, which even though labeled, will still drive me crazy trying to locate what I need. Hence, for me, my supplies will be the absolute LAST things that get packed!! Good luck with everything, Robin.