Friday, December 16, 2011

New Kitchen


So after a few days of up and down the ladder, taking out all the grape dishes / knick knacks, and then adding in the new dishes; my new kitchen look is almost complete. 
The shelf above the stove now needs some color and I will completely
enjoy the search for new fun things to decorate with and new curtains too.

I already had a small sunflower art quilt that I will now mat with
red and frame in black to accent that wall.

I was able to salvage enough sunflowers from the wall paper book
for most of the walls and only had to paint one additional flower to complete the look.

I am very pleased with the look I accomplished mixing painting and wall paper.

Lastly, this is a look into the living room where my tree is up and ready for company:)

1 comment:

Jean Baardsen said...

Great look! Are both your daughters coming for the holidays?