Monday, April 28, 2014

I am all around the Blog world lately....

So I have this internet/FB/Quilt Designer friend who is a laugh riot!!  Every time I read her blog or FB posts, I either giggle or completely understand her point of view.  I highly recommend checking in on Beth Helfter of EvaPaige Designs! (And, I am not overusing my exclamation points!!)

This month I was her Quilting Hottie in the Hotseat where I answered burning questions like, " what is the nerdiest thing about you?"  I guess you will have to hop over there to find out:)

Have you heard of Quilt Dots?  If not, you are going to be so happy, especially if you are a sucker for office supplies the way I am!
These adorable little 1" magnets, pins, or Giant paper clips (bookmarks) are made from quilt patterns of designers.  This means that you get like groupings of quilt styles.
Of course, my favorite are the Giant Paper Clips!  If you are a paper piecer, they are a great way to organize your templates.  They are also great for clipping together coupons, guild info, fabric swatches, potato chip bags:), etc.  I think maybe I am hungry....
Make sure you click on this link to read the interview AND enter to win fun Dots and a pattern.

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