Saturday, January 2, 2016

HAPPY 2016

It was a very quiet evening here at the Koehler rez with drinks in our pjs and nosh and puppy snuggles (one because he was terrified of the fireworks outside).

Now the new year is upon us all and that invigorating feeling of a clean slate and possibilities looms before us.  I waste every clean slate put in front of me but I don't stop being excited that it is there and what I may or may not do with it this time:) 

There are those that choose a WORD for the year and I have done that a couple of times in the past but again I get side tracked and forget all about it.  This year I wasn't going to do a word until I went down the rabbit hole on FB to one of those--Type your name here and I will tell you your future--type sites. I know they are a crock but the first word that came up was CHANGE and with my husband retiring from 30 years military service this year, it seemed HUGELY appropriate:) When I posted this on my FB page, his response was, " at least it wasn't PANIC". LOLOLOLOL!!!!

Kidding aside, that word does make me pause and wonder how that will and / or could affect my life this year. 
There are the changes I can't avoid: 
--He will retire!
--Money will be tight!
--He will be here everyday!
I love him with all my heart but I find my solitude in work a necessity and when he is home the energy changes.  It isn't all his fault, I get distracted very easily! 

Then there are the changes I have control over:
--How to add additional income?
--How do I want to grow my business this year?
--What do I want to leave out of my business this year?

I have control over 'Changing' the way I approach situations and I vow to be more on top of that.

Definitions of CHANGE:
1. The act or instance of making or becoming different.
I can CHANGE how I approach situations.
2. Take or use another instead of.
'Use' Can and Will 'instead of' Try.  More action words.
3. Move from one to another.
'Move' from a place of fear (no one would want that) to a place of, Why Not me??
4. Remove and replace with another of same kind.
 My husband?  Just kidding...I would NEVER!!    
5.  An alteration or modification.
I would like to modify the direction of my business but I just haven't figured that out yet.  The beginning of this year will have some introspection to work on this one.
6.  A new or refreshingly different experience.
I WILL challenge myself to create my own 'refreshingly different experience' by forcing myself out of my comfort zone in business.

As you can see, I don't have to know it all today thankfully.  Instead I will work toward using the word to remind me to think differently and be different than I have in the past.
I see that my biggest change will be my own attitude and isn't attitude 90% of anything:)

Trying to change myself all at once won't work.  It never works for anyone.  It has to be a daily reminder when the negative thoughts pop up to CHANGE that thought to a positive.

What Changes would I like to work on?
- Walk my dogs more frequently.  I am sure they would love that too:)
-Be less of a procrastinator.  This includes NOT carrying over the jobs on my list.  Stick to the list!!
-Take more chances!  This will fall into #3 above.  When an opportunity arises, I will see if it fits my biz plan and then take it!

I feel like this is a very doable direction without being overwhelming.  If I take the AA approach of one minute, one hour,  one day at a time and include one decision at a time, I should make more progress than I have in the past!

So here is to a very productive 2016!


Kathy said...

Those who are successful at retirement always have something they are passionate about. I encourage my husband to golf a lot so that I can have studio time! The energy DOES change when you are both home all the time! Wishing you success as you transition into the new reality!

Robin said...

Thank you Kathy! It will be very interesting. Now to find his passion:)