Monday, September 24, 2018


Fabrics for quilters are inspiring and cherished.  As a designer they spark more ideas than I will ever get done in a lifetime.

My appraisal studies found me collecting antique and vintage quilt blocks for fabric/date study and the designer in me went crazy.  Wouldn't it be cute if.....?  What if I ….? and so 

I LOVE design and applique and I feel people as a whole are more creative than they give themselves credit for!  This workshop allows you to play without a lot of investment.  You already have what you need and you weren't using it anyway:)

Take any orphan block-
I know you ALL have one due to a workshop taken and life intervened or the technique wasn't enjoyable but you still love the colors and just can't part with it....

Here was one I started with-
I am really not a pink person but this block was intriguing and I wanted to challenge myself since the print isn't super inspiring.  Then I had to decide whether to fix her little error or leave it ….I just couldn't leave it.  The asymmetry bugged me too much. After the repair, I played with some designs and here is the result, meet "Strawberry Shortcake".
I echoed the tiny circular print in the light fabric while challenging myself to use the smaller circles from my Karen Kay Buckley perfect circles.  I also challenged myself to do a back stitch vs. my usual stem stitch for my embroidery because it was the repeat from the small black lines in the fabric too.  Now this unknown quiltmaker from the past has had her work completed whilst making myself a sweet little 12" square wall hanging to decorate any small space perfectly. #heritagearchitect at work:)

Next I came across this vintage 1930s block.  Again 30s aren't my 'go to' since I like OLD but the black and green and yellow was so striking that it came home with me and I couldn't beat the $1 price tag:)

On this the inspiration was the daffodil.  I LOVE applique if you haven't already figured that out.  I know a lot of people avoid it but a workshop with me just may open your eyes.  You don't have to needle turn, fusible works great too.
"I CAN'T DRAW", you say?? Well I have some great hacks for drawing items using very simple shapes we can all handle easily.
I have also developed some drawing aids you will be able to use in class.  Easy Peasy! Meet, "Dancing Daffodil".

On this one, I added a header only and my daffodil has dancing ribbons flowing from her...sweet and simple. She measures 9" x 12" and fits perfectly on one of those adorable little Ackfeld hangers.
I have many other samples (shown in class) because once I got going, I just couldn't stop but these three are my favorite Finished ones. This last one I will show (to inspire and excite you) just made me cry out with glee!  Look at those Fabulous flowers in the print!!
I get to applique and embroider and add leaves and swirls and circles, Oh MY!!

Meet "Chocolate Brownie Bliss".  My mom named this one because there are only so many ways I can say Autumn Bloom, etc.
She is hand applique, hand embroidery, and hand quilted and I love love love her!!!

Your block can be from any time period (modern too) as long as there is an inspiring print somewhere within.  We will discuss copyright, choosing the best portion of the print, choosing the best layout for your block (1, 2, 4 borders), and work through our drawing hacks so that you get to go home with a mostly completed and upcycled, Orphan-No-More, original work!

Tell your friends--Tell your guild Program Chairs--
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