Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Help me name this.

A few months ago I started the process of a fiber postcard trade with a fiber artist in South Carolina, Susan Lenz. You can read more about her vision at I have completed my postcard to send back to her, and

I would really like to have a name for it since it will be part of a gallery exhibit, but I keep drawing a blank since abstract is not my strength. The colors and the translucency make me think of wispy sunset clouds when the moon is still visible.

Any fabulous ideas?


Anonymous said...

Lunar Lights

pcoxdesign said...

It does remind me of moonbeams on land. How about
"Moonbeams and Dancing"

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Very cool ... how about "Hazy Daze"?

Anonymous said...

How about Noir Breeze? It reminds me of a warm wind at sunrise or dusk.

Debbie BAbin said...

Robin-I am a textile artist and instructor; I feel compelled to give you some constructive feedback on this postcard. I think the reason you are having trouble coming up with a name is because there isn't enough happening within the design. It just looks like diagonals with some pieces of sheer fabric applied. Work that is abstract does need "something" that the viewer can connect to just as realistic or traditional work. I suggest you call it: abstract I.
If it were mine I would push it further until something clicks; then the name will become obvious. The fabrics you have used have potential. See if you can work with them in a new way instead of strip piecing. Push your boundaries a bit; explore and see what happens. It's only fabric!!!

I hope this is advise is helpful.
It is given with honesty and respect.
Debbie BAbin

Sherryl said...

I thought about meteor showers. I am lousy with names but maybe it will trigger something.