Friday, May 1, 2009

No Illusions

This is 'Lily' one of my thread paintings that I accomplished in time to vend at the North Carolina Seafood Festival's poster contest unveiling. I was one of 8 artists juried into the April 9th event. It was a good opportunity to network.
My other big news is that I applied for an Artist in Residence program. I would highly recommend this to any artist. I have no illusions about being accepted but I am excited about the possibilities of what I could accomplish if chosen for this wonderful opportunity. More importantly, the process really made me focus on what I have done and want to do.

If you have been telling yourself that eventually you will put together a bio or statement, don't put it off any longer!! There is something very gratifying about putting your work all together to really look at it and form a statement about it. Assembling a resume might seem daunting; but once I started making a list of exhibits, no matter how small, and awards received I was impressed with how much more I had accomplished than I thought. It is important to assess what you have done so that you can know where you are heading or what else you want to conquer! I love that word, conquer. I won't ever conquer a mountain or swim a channel but I can conquer fears and once before thought of as 'lofty' goals!
Take the plunge and apply for something you have been rolling around in the back of your brain. The process is more the goal than getting accepted. I am more prepared for future opportunities now and ready to find them.


Barb Forrister said...

Best of luck in you artist in residency application.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I love the thread painting on the Lilies. Did you paint them and then thread paint...gorgeous.