Friday, May 8, 2009

Wonder Under the Waves

I belong to an art group named Artrageous and when we got too big, we splintered off into smaller groups. A few times a year the smaller groups reunite into our larger group for wonderful show and tells. My smaller group is named Beachrageous since we all live out near the beach.
The five of us came up with our own challenge:
Under the Sea theme
Must use a piece of the five exchange fabrics in the background
Must conform to the preset shape agreed upon
Any embellishments work
We display together but each own our own section
I will not be showing the final 5 together until after the quilt guild show that we are entered into is over (May 15th and 16th- Crystal Coast Convention Center, Morehead City, NC).
Once I got going, I had a really good time. The background is pieced 2" squares. The applique is fusible with all free motion quilting. Embellishments include 3d fan coral, beadwork, beaded fringe, shells, and shrink art fish and sea anemones.

This detail shot shows the fan coral and a few anemones. I have decided to recreate this piece to sell since this one is for exhibit only.


Pepper Cory said...

Wow, this is beautiful! Please take pictures as I won't be here for the quilt show. Better and better Robin.

Jean Baardsen said...

Hi Robin,
I like this a lot! Can't wait to see all five of them. The quilt show was totally off my radar - glad you mentioned it. Is it really Friday and Saturday, rather than Saturday and Sunday? Maybe that changed a couple years ago? I haven't been for a while, but will go this year.

Anonymous said...

Your work is great. Can't wait to see the remaining pieces. I liked the shrink fish. I just bought some and now can't wait to try it.
Enjoy your show, I'm too far away to come.

Delilah said...

Excellent, I think the group should take photo's of the work and have them made into cards that could be sold.

Sandra said...

What a great beach/sea quilt. I love the wavy shape. Can't wait to see all of them hanging together. Don't know why more people don't comment, I feel the same way about my blogs.