Friday, October 19, 2012

Off the Wall Friday

Here we are at another Friday and what has gotten done?  On my design table is some beautiful Northcott Stonehenge for an upcoming project that I can't disclose yet:)  It is exciting!

Next I have a test of a very geometric design that I am playing with.  It is soooo NOT me but I am enjoying having a new challenge.  I am shooting for a Frank Lloyd Wright-esque look and hope to accomplish it with some softer colors.

This one I am really enjoying.  I love handwork and what better hand work than a Cathedral Window block.  Does this look familiar to anyone?  It is the Pittsburgh Steelers logo and, yes, the pic isn't rotated correctly.  My daughter and her boyfriend are fans so this will be part of a pillow set. 
Stay Tuned!

Since it is Friday, if you go here, you will see more wonderful works in progress by creative wonders.


Lisa said...

Very clever!

Metanoia said...

I like the bold colours in the cathedral windows. Something else you could try with handwork is paper piecing 1" hexagons. Making them is addictive!!

Nina Marie said...

LOL - does it look familiar?? OMG - I always dread falls since I swear to God nobody talks about anything else here in Erie PA than football - its everywhere - and since we are sandwiched between the browns, steelers and bills - well you can imagine what its like. My daughter said - for someone who doesn't like football you sure know a lot about it - LOL - well yeah - its way of life here - LOL!