Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Houston Part 2

So, part of the fun of market is getting to meet people in person that you have met online. This is Cathy Winter who will be part of my foursome for the Dream Rocket project. I can't wait for our project to take off together :)

I had already met Ms. Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods but this trip I had the privilege of being her roommate as well: Sweet, considerate, talented and FUN! Thank you, Celine for wonderful memories. Make sure to take a look at her new book as well.

I am always amazed by the enormity of the room and how many people and businesses are here on the floor. This shot only covers maybe a third of who was there. It is invigorating and exhausting all at the same time. On my travels of the show floor I had the opportunity to meet Susan Knapp, Susan Brubaker-Knapp, and Sarah Ann Smith. It was great to meet you all. There really was a theme this year among friends: Suzn Quilts' new book, Celine's new book, along with Susan Brubaker-Knapp and Sarah Ann Smith releasing new books. All 4 women have great directions and offer something for everyone.

I found some lovely threads for a new pattern and show quilt that is being feverishly worked on right now. I used Weeks Dye Works beautiful variegated floss years ago when I cross stitched and now they have those same beautiful colors in quilting thread. I also spent 4 days across from Superior Threads since that is where Susan's booth was. It was like being on a diet and having your favorite food passed in front of your face 24/7...all the colors!!

Along my travels I talked with a fabric company and a book guarantees but wonderful opportunities that I am very excited to work toward.

Last but not least is this beautiful quilt made by my good friend, Eileen Williams. "Taylor's Creek" was her first entry to Houston and the detail is stunning. It looked wonderful hanging with all the other terrific entries. Great job, Eileen!

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