Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NYC Mood Fabrics


For Christmas this year, my family went to NYC. My youngest daughter and I are big Project Runway fans and so MOOD was top on our list of places to go. As we walked through the garment district, my daughter was fascinated by all the wonderful fabrics full of sequins in the windows. I was busy reading the addresses looking for MOOD. It is more elusive than that, based in an older business building with a lobby and old elevators shuffled up and down by uniformed gentlemen. For those of you who don't know me, I am very easily entertained and find wonder in all kinds of inconsequential things that most don't notice, so riding in the elevator run by an operator was a fun little treat for me.
We arrived on the 3rd floor and not knowing what to expect, I was blown away. My husband who sat reluctantly through this past season with me so I wouldn't have to watch alone, commented that the show does not do the store justice and he is absolutely right. As a quilter, I am used to quilt shops with little bolts of fabric I can carry around with me...I was not physically in shape to do the same here. I arrived with a specific idea in mind of what I was looking for and that was helpful or I would have left empty-handed due to my indecisive nature.
My find was this beautiful lightweight knit that will eventually be an artistic jacket to be worn all winter and spring.

I didn't even look at all the trims and buttons that were available or I would have gone insane with envy. The wall in the background is just one of 5 or 6 walls of trims. The button boards in the foreground are again just a teeny tiny example of what is available. Being completely enmeshed in my own fabric search, I didn't realize (fortunately) until the end when getting fabric cut that there were other floors of fabrics. The above picture also shows a Project Runway board that has photos of some of the outfits along with fabric swatches...just in case you need to own the same fabric from a show fashion.All the fabrics are labeled and I will watch season 7 with a new eye. The staff was very very helpful and cheerful even.

Now I don't have a picture but the crazy little tidbit to this story is this: I had forgotten my camera the first go around and luckily our hotel was only 4 blocks away. My family was forced to go back, get the camera, and return to MOOD (where I refrained from more shopping) so I could have pictures. On our way back to the shop, my daughter and I spotted Nicolas Putvinski from season 6 leaving the block and he walked right past us but I was too chicken to call him out. He wasn't our favorite from this season due to his catty behavior. I hope he was edited badly and still wish him luck. It must be very difficult to work in those rushed conditions and the heavy competition of the NYC fashion industry.

In closing: Thank you MOOD and my family for indulging me.


norma said...

Thanks for that fun tour of Mood. I, too, am a big fan of PR and hope that next season will be better than the last. I live only about an hour and a half train ride from NYC and still haven't been to Mood. A field trip is definitely in order.

Antonija said...

What a great day--I am positively green with envy! My big question is...did you get one of those fabulous shoulder shopping bags?? I'd die to have one, and I won't be in NYC anytime soon...

Robin said...

Another Robin here. In October I also was able to visit Mood and blogged about it on my vacation blog not my regular blog. If you'd like to take a peek scroll towards the bottom, we visited Mood after a long day. http://johnandrobinsvacation.blogspot.com/2009/10/day-10-manhattan-friday.html
Thanks for sharing your experience.

JYA Fiberarts said...

Robin, Great post! I am envious of your trip to NYC and to Mood! That shop looks like seamstress heaven! So glad that you had such holiday fun! Thanks for sharing.

Robin said...

You get one of the bags for free when you purchase more than $50 but
they don't just offer it, you have to ask.
We did get one (oh my...should have gotten 2:) My daughter bought the
tshirt which says "Thank you Mood" and it was only $16-very reasonable.
I am letting her have the bag too unless she changes her mind:) I wouldn't
say no to it!

Pepper Cory said...

Good for you Robin.Loved the description of your visit to Mood--fabric envy! We're in DC freezing our a-- off but having a great time. See you Monday?