Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Juni the Great Lizard Hunter

Just above this caption you will see a small lizard.

Juni has been fascinated by the lizards here in Florida ever since we moved here.  Once she finally learned to catch them (mostly the smaller ones), many a lizard succumbed to her new-found prowess:)  Today something new happened--One fought back!  I saw she had something and then I saw her jump back and shake her head---She got bit!  There he stood all 2-1/2" inches of him (sans tail at this point) opening his mouth and hissing at her. I went out with my camera and sure enough he was attacking her nose every time she got close enough.  It still didn't end well for him but so nice to see one go out fighting!

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Lee Ann said...

I had an orange cat in my youth. He loved to hunt lizards. But, one day, he came around the corner of the fence with a woe-is-me expression and a lizard hanging off his nose! I will never forget that!