Friday, May 25, 2012

Kansas City Spring Market 2012

Spring Market has come and gone...what a whirlwind!
This is one of the many fountains in KC.  The city is known for its beautiful fountains and only Rome, Italy has more. 

Here is the NESTLINGS booth and new designs are on my website ready for ordering:)  I really didn't get to leave my booth much over the 3 day market.  First thing in the morning before opening, I walked a bit of the floor and saw a lot of kids patterns and fabrics, bright colors, and supposedly we are trending back towards solids.  They aren't my personal favorite since I really like tonals that add a bit of texture and depth to my designing.  What do you think?

                                         BOOTH MATES
Perkins Dry Goods and my sweet friend Celine.

Suzn Quilts with my dear friend Susan and her daughter Chloe.

The ever energized Susan and Mary Jane of the Quilt Branch.

Our hotel room overlooked the KC Royals stadium and
one night we were treated to a fireworks show.  The city is beautiful and I would recommend a stop there if you are ever out that way.
In the meantime, keep quilting.

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