Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rainy Days never get me down:))

Working on a new block and loving the Autumn vibe on a rainy day!
I am a rainy day kind of girl;  The sound of the wind and pattering of rain is the perfect weather for curling up with a project and stitching the hours away.  Today the added sound of a friend's laughter while I worked on my new design was just what my soul needed!!

Does the rain hinder or expand your creativity?


Jean Baardsen said...

The rain you were enjoying is up here today - we're expecting over two inches! I don't think it affects my creativity one way or the other. I like the sound of the rain, but if the wind gets too intense, I get to feeling anxious. Guess I've been through too many hurricanes. :o)

norma said...

My friends who don't sew can't understand my wanting to be inside working in my studio, even on a nice day. But a rainy, cold or snowy day gives me a good excuse.