Wednesday, March 20, 2013


If you have wondered where I was, I have been very busy!  January brought that pesky 2 week flu that was really hard to shake. Then my husband had it too so in that one week overlap, we were pretty pathetic together!
That put me 2 weeks behind on my work deadlines with a February trip looming. February is when I usually make the trek up to Virginia to attend the Mid-Atlantic quilt show with my mom and spend some time hanging out with her.  It is fun and I usually run into some NC friends along the way.  This year's entry into the show was none other than my Butterfly Cabin design. 
Available at Nestlings by Robin website
I also talked mom into taking a beading class with me.  As a reasonably intelligent person, I am sure I could have figured out the Peyote stitch myself but it is always easier to learn something hands-on.  So we indulged ourselves with an all day class with Mary Stori and I highly recommend her.  The class went smoothly, at a good pace, with her telling us stories while we beaded.  Her samples were beautiful and it was like a class and a lecture all rolled into one.

While at mom's, I was able to finish quilting 3 new red work pattern samples so I could sit and write once home again. Plus I fused some things and traced a couple of red work pieces for her. 

Once home, I got busy writing my patterns...coming soon...and preparing to demo at my guild.  Mom came home with me and patiently sat knitting while I worked the first 3 days she was here.  Got to love a mom, right?!

Now I am finishing a design that I started before VA. that needs to be sent in for photography...more about that exciting news coming soon.
This is the down side of publishing- I have such fun things to show you but I can't, YET:)

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