Thursday, March 21, 2013

Colorful Song Titles:

Every year at the Mancuso Mid-Atlantic show there are a multitude of Special Exhibitions.  The 2013 challenge from the Cabin Branch and Stone House Quilt Guilds was to come up with a song that has a color in the title and use that as inspiration. 
There were too many to photograph, so below are a few of my favorites .


Leslie Harris, Woodbridge VA
I love the color pallette and the quilting in this one. 
The quilting gives it such a delicate feel.  Good job, Leslie!

Jane Miller, Woodbridge VA

Again the quilting caught my eye but I also really appreciate the 'random' placing of gold in the background.  Very successful movement, Jane.

Carlene Halsing, Woodbridge VA
This was purely for technique!  This flower is so textural and fun to look at.  It got a lot of attention, Carlene.

Amazing what a little imagination can do!  This is why attending quilt shows is so important to our industry.  It only takes one little idea to become the next masterpiece.
Keep quilting!

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Purryl said...

Absolutely gorgeous!