Sunday, October 13, 2019

AQS' amazing new cover! 
Thank You again for choosing "Winterkin"!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love pumpkins! 
I love looking at them, decorating with them, and 
eating them (savory or sweet), so, it goes without 
saying that I love to design with them as well.
You can find more HERE.
White pumpkins have been a designer trend for
 a few years now and although they are cute, 
I still really liked orange until....
One day I realized that I could use them as 
a transition design with my poinsettias and 
holly that also really get my design juices flowing. 

While at Fall Market, I had found this 
fantastic line, BOUNTIFUL. 
It has green and red and swirly things:)
There is also a selection of ombres to go with it.
It was the perfect blend of Autumn/Winter for my design.
Look at the darling selvages!!
 Templates prepared for testing with 
hand written 'notes to self'.
 A very small design board worked so I 
could decide how to lay out the pumpkins.
There was a version where both were upright 
but I decided to roll the little one over 
so it wasn't so neat and static looking. 

After all the applique' edges are stitched down, 
then it is time to quilt.
On the black it is hard to tell but the top 2/3 
were all over quilted with a leaf/vine design. 
The bottom was quilted with straight lines.
I also quilted accents into the pumpkin centers
and the poinsettia leaves.
The added pop is colored flanges to break up 
some of the black vs. binding in another color. 

I hope you enjoy hanging it in your home as much as I do.
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